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"Spotlight Tuesday With Margaret Kazmierczak and GiveAway

Introducing Margaret Kazmierczak
Margaret Kazmierczak nee Doust was born in 1958 in Redhill, Surrey, England. She loved writing in her head but found putting pen to paper difficult due to her dyslexia and inability to read. Her belief that she could write came when she submitted a sermon to a retreat master as a novice in a Contemplative Order. His advice to her: if you decide that this life is not for you, you must become a writer. After three years, she did leave, then life became busy and got complicated when she married her husband Peter and had three children. Finally, after three decades, the Retreat Master’s words became true, and a writer was born. 
Margaret Kazmierczak loves writing to encourage others. She has had many jobs which have given her a grounded view of life. Married with three children, Margaret enjoys a day to day life in the countryside surrounded by the beauty of nature. Her inspiration for her writing is life itself and a firm belief in God that all is for His greater glory. 

Margaret's first book How to Make Victoria Sponge was published in England in September 2014 and the 2nd edition was released on 19th September 2016 in the USA by Celebrate Lit Publishing with a new cover.

If you want to read something different yet not very heavy about our relationship with God, then "How to make Victoria Sponge" could be your cup of tea/coffee with a large slice of cake.
     Book Spotlight 
Victoria Sponge – a well-known cake? Maybe, but also a wife and mother of four children. Disorganized and chaotic, with obligations galore, sweet Victoria clings to God, her best friend who shares His amazing love with her. From tripping over a hoover left in the hallway to discovering her son’s desire to die because he is different, she journeys through her own Lent. Giving up is not an option, but saying ‘yes’ to God each day is. Tragedy and comical events follow Vicki through her week. Does Victoria Sponge rise through all the messiness that life offers or does she sink?

Hi Debbie, I am thrilled to be with you today. Thank you for inviting me. 
I love connecting with readers, so this idea of a spotlight is a great one. For those that don’t know who I am my name is Margaret Kazmierczak. I am from England, and through Facebook, I met a lovely lady called Caryl McAdoo who encouraged me to have my book printed in the USA. Then along came the fantastic Sandy Barela who agreed to publish my book. I am indebted to both ladies for their belief in me. You Americans have been so kind to me. I do have a connection with the USA as my Aunt and Uncle emigrated to New York state back in the 50’s, so I have American cousins. 

I am excited to be doing this interview with Debbie. Such fun.
What is your writing Kryptonite?
It appears to be not enough hours in the day – I sit down at 8.30am after I have taken my daughter to school and begin my day. I usually check my emails and Facebook notifications and action what needs doing there. Then I look at my to-do list on the calendar and work on those, after that I prepare a meme for my author facebook page – this can take a while as picmonkey seems to be allergic to my laptop. 
Usually, I am interrupted by taxi-ing duties during the day to appointments for a member of my family and another school pick-up at 3 pm. 
When I think the coast is clear I open up my WIP. Engage brain and nothing! It’s hard being a writer Debbie, but I feel God plants on my heart the things he wants me to write about and when.
If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Now that is a difficult question Debbie as I have only been writing since 2014 for readers. I wrote a lot in my head before that. Perhaps learn to understand my limitations? I have a great belief that I can do anything once I put my mind to it, but I don’t always realize how massive the plan is until I am in the middle of it and sinking.  In my house, there are many unfinished things!
What was your hardest scene to write?
That’s easy, Johnny’s letter to his mother. I love Johnny because he is different and I relate to different. I was in tears when I wrote it. I just wanted to hug him and say all will be okay.
What did you edit out of this book? 
Well, Debbie, it was more which character don’t I use. I wanted to write about a family, and it proved hard only to have four children as I had so many ideas. In the end, I went with two boys and two girls, one being autistic and a twin. That way the girls could bounce off one another, and the boys just did their own thing. I have to say that I love Lilly Pink’s personality and enthusiasm. 
How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
A load of short stories Debbie, but they are in my head as I mentioned above. There are several unfinished and only part way through, trouble is I get distracted, and another idea formulates, so I run with them for a bit. Then I think I ought to get back to the main one I am writing, so I have a few beginnings and no endings!  Back to that limitations problem and sticking with the one, I have started. I would just love to go to a warm desert island and just write with no interruptions – I might actually get the books finished.
What does literary success mean to me?
I am a great believer in God having the victory, so if he decides that my book is a success, then I am happy with that. Apart from that Debbie, I love it when I hear people have been moved by my book or that it has helped them in some way. I write for my readers, so that is a great compliment. I enjoy the gift God has given to me, and of course, if it bears fruit then I am happy with that too. 
Thank you, Debbie, for giving me this opportunity to connect with your readers through this spotlight. 
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