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Spotlighting Rachel J Good and THE AMISH TEACHER’S GIFT with giveaway

Reaching Out to Others

By Rachel J. Good

So often we struggle to communicate with others. Or we misunderstand the meaning behind their messages. This can result in hurt feelings, anger and resentment, or even broken relationships. Have you ever said to someone: “That’s not what I meant”? Have you ever misjudged someone and later found out the reason why they acted as they did?

In the AMISH TEACHER’S GIFT, widowed dad, Josiah Yoder, has a hearing-impaired son, Nathan. Josiah’s knowledge of sign language is limited. When he tries to talk to Nathan, the messages he sends upset his son, but Josiah has no idea why. Luckily, Nathan’s teacher, Ada Rupp, shows them how to communicate.

Both Ada and Josiah also have misunderstandings about each other. Some of it is because they make assumptions that aren’t true. Or they misinterpret things that are said. They, too, need to learn to communicate honestly.

Ada has struggles of her own with teaching and caring for her younger siblings. She’s carrying some heavy burdens but isn’t willing to let others help her. When she learns to trust others, she discovers the joy of sharing responsibilities with others. And she has more time for the important things.

Trust is an important part of communication. Because of the tragedies in his life, Josiah has lost his trust in God. By watching his young son’s faith, Josiah learns to trust in the Lord again and to pray, which is the most important communication of all.

About the Love & Promises series:

Following Rumschpringe (the teenage “running around time”), the Amish face many life decisions--embracing their faith, choosing their careers, entering lifelong relationships. A group of friends shares this heartwarming time as they grow, live, and learn to love.

The Love & Promises titles:
The Amish Teacher's Gift  (April 24, 2018)
The Amish Midwife's Secret (November 27, 2018)
The Amish Widow's Rescue (May 26, 2019)


"The Amish Teacher's Gift might have been the first book I've read by Rachel J. Good, but it won't be my last." -Shelley Shepard Gray, New York Times bestselling author 

Widower Josiah Yoder wants to be a good father. But it's not easy with a deaf young son who doesn't understand why his mamm isn't coming home. At a loss, Josiah enrolls Nathan in a special-needs school and is relieved to see his son immediately comforted by his new teacher, a woman whose sweet charm and gentle smile just might be the balm they both need.

With seven siblings to care for, Ada Rupp wasn't sure she wanted to take on teaching, too. But the moment she holds Nathan in her arms, she realizes she'll do all she can to help this lost little boy. Plus, it gives her a chance to spend more time with Josiah. Falling for a man in mourning may be against the rules, but his quiet strength is the support Ada never knew she needed. And, together, they could have the loving family she'd always hoped for.


Rachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for many of her Amish novels. Striving to be as authentic as possible, she spends time with her Amish friends, doing chores on their farm and attending family events.

Rachel loves to travel and visit many different Amish communities. In searching for the best Amish soft pretzels, she's visited many Amish markets, auctions, and mud sales. Because of her love of Amish food, she tries to include recipes in her books as often as possible. When she's not traveling, she spends time with family and writing.

In addition to her Amish novels, she's written more than 40 books, including children's educational books, adult nonfiction, and fiction for children and teens under several pen names. To find out more about Rachel and her books, you can sign up for her newsletter: http://bit.ly/1qwci4Q


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