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"Starting from Scratch" by Kate Lloyd

An Old Flame Brings a Spark of New Hope

En Alt Maedel—an old maid.
At age twenty-nine, that's what Eva Lapp considers herself. And who could argue with her? Finding a good Amish husband at her age will be next to impossible. Plus, Eva's unwarranted bad reputation in Lancaster County precedes her. Maybe living the Englisch life would be better.
Squeezed out of her childhood home by her brother's boisterous family, Eva finds lodging and a new job managing a small café at a local plant nursery. But the challenge of her new position isn't enough to distract from her current predicament.
To Eva's surprise, her first love, Jake Miller, suddenly returns to Lancaster County. Flooded with emotions and filled with questions about Jake's past, can Eva trust what she's feeling?
Jake and Eva face many obstacles in their quest for a fresh start in the community, but perhaps with God's help, they can find the redemption they both desperately need.

My Review: 
"Starting from Scratch" by Kate Lloyd is the second book in the (Lancaster Discoveries) series.  This is a story about a second chance at love.

When Eva is forced to move out of her mother's home, she takes a job and is surprised to find that her old flame is back in town. This is a story of how rumors and not talking things over with loved ones leave a lot of hurt and lots of years living with questions and regrets.

Jake and Eva are both victims of rumors, and Eva has three suitors trying to win her hand. Which one wins, I really didn't have a preference for two of them, either one was fine with me but one of them I was like no, Eva you can't really marry him because he isn't the right one for you.  ok,  Don't judge me, I bet most reader have through that when reading books that are about a character choosing a mate.

This is a love story but there is also a mystery, why does Heath, the dog, keep coming up missing and who sets the barn fires?

I would recommend this book to any reader who likes the Amish genre  and I think a reader would enjoy the novel even if you haven't read the first in the series or any other books by Kate Lloyd.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author. These are my opinions.

Author Kate Lloyd is a passionate observer of human relationships. A native of Baltimore, Kate spends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, PA, the inspiration for her best selling novels Leaving Lancaster, Pennsylvania Patchwork, and Forever Amish, the third book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy. Her novel, A Letter from Lancaster County, released July 1, 2017. Starting from Scratch will release April 3, 2018 and in and is available for preorder.

Kate is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society. She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest, the setting for Kate's first novel, A Portrait of Marguerite. Kate has worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur. For relaxation and fun, Kate enjoys walking with her camera in hand, beachcombing, and playing with her two young grandchildren.

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