Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"Bruised but Not Broken": The Journey from Heartache to Healing by Sheryl Beck-Nelson

What’s Next After Your World Falls Apart? Choose Back ‘In’ to Life and Purpose. A young widow is faced with the reality of rebuilding her life after the sudden death of her husband. She recounts the comfort and restoration of God, who is always near to the broken hearted. With amazing strength of faith, she chose ‘in’ to life again: abundant life. As a result, she discovers a new love, a renewed hope and a new calling, proof that God can redeem even our most painful circumstances. “There are times when unwanted change evolves into a fear of the unknown. This fear can paralyze us, ultimately keeping us from making the choices that will kick-start our healing process.” Beck-Nelson’s heart-warming, witty style will inspire hope in anyone experiencing a loss; whether it be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream or of faith in a good future. Bruised but Not Broken will encourage you to ‘choose in’ to a life of purpose and hope.
"As I read the pages of Sheryl’s journey, I laughed, I cried, and I pondered, but most of all I found myself longing to give the Lord my own life in a far deeper manner. As I read through the pages, I found that it’s not a book reserved only for those who’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. Rather, it’s for each of us who wants to experience a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord.” —Darci Coyne, Women’s Minister
My Review: 
I know this book is really about grief and healing but I think this book could be a tool for anyone needing to be reminded that they are loved by God and that they do have a purpose.

I have lots of things unlined in the book but the things that really shocked me and got me thinking was "If you need encouragement, read Joshua or struggling with insecurity, then Moses is your guy! Overwhelmed by the Lord's calling? Read about Gideon. Striving to overcome disobedience? Jonah's life has some wisdom to impart. If you are struggling with who you were before the old things passed away, read about Saul/Paul or Mary Magdalene. The lives of these champions of the faith will challenge and encourage you!
Worrying too much " try this: set aside some time to commit to something else.Give that hour or day or whatever you choose, over to the Lord. ( 1Peter 5:7) Make a conscious decision to say" Lord. I have carried this burden for a long time now and the truth is, it's too heavy for me. I need a break so I am going to give it to you for this period of time, and I am not going to think about it all ." it will be hard, you will have to put effort into focusing on something else. your best option is to put on worship music and worship Jesus.When fear of failure rears its ugly head, tell yourself this " I am merely an instrument, an imperfect human in the Master's hands. I will do my part and He will do His Part. Regardless of the outcome, as long as I am obedient to His call, I have indeed been successful, even if I do stumble while walking off the platform. "Learning to value ourselves is a sickly wicket for some of us. We have allowed words spoken about us to take root in our hearts, bringing forth bitter fruit. We can spend our entire lives focusing on what others have said or felt about us: even agreeing with them and speaking it about ourselves. But to what end? shame? Pain? A devalued sense of self? Not a single acceptable option in the bunch! the only thing that will come from this is a life lived with victim mentality. While traumatic things have happen , throughout Christ you are an overcomer because every negative experience, every harsh word we have heard or thought about ourselves, pales in comparison to God's love and adoration for us.This one sentence from the book stunned and made me really think " BESIDES, IT WOULD TAKE A REALLY PRIDEFUL PERSON TO PUT MORE VALVE ON THEIR OPINION OF THEMSELVES THAN THE OPINION OF THE LORD.REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU'RE SPEAKING ANYTHING OVER YOURSELF THAT IS LESS THAN I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE !

I really recommend this book, I know I shared a lot from the book, but there is so much more that I didn't share.                                                                                                                                                      

I was given a complimentary copy by the CWA and the author. These opinions are my own.

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