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"Reaching your Addicted Loved One" by Victor Torres Booktour and GiveAway

About the Book

Title: Reaching your Addicted Loved One  
Author: Victor Torres  
Genre: Self-help | Substance abuse & addictions | Drugs  
Release date: January 8, 2019

As a teenager, Victor Torres was a gang warlord and heroin addict on New York City’s violent streets. Through the ministry of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, Victor had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and came to realize that God had a purpose for his life. Victor has spent the last forty-five years helping tens of thousands of young men and women find freedom from drug addiction and gang life. Now, he answers your toughest questions about your addicted loved one. Without pulling punches or promising easy answers, Victor provides wisdom and expertise that can lead you toward success. Some of the questions Victor addresses are…
  • How can I know if my loved one has a substance abuse problem?
  • How can I tell the difference between helping and enabling?
  • What if my loved one refuses to get help?
  • When should I call the police?
  • What should we look for in a treatment program?
  • What can I expect when my loved one comes out of treatment?
  • How do I prepare for relapse?
God did not create your loved one to be an addict or a loser. On the contrary, God created him or her for a better life. Although, for the moment, it may seem like you are losing your loved one, they still have a God-given destiny and a purpose. No matter how bad the picture may look now, there is always hope.

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My Review: 
This is a book about helping addicted love ones get the help they need but it is also a book to help the ones that love them get help also. I recommend this book for anyone dealing with this in their lives and I also recommend that all pastors and counselors read and have a copy in their personal libraries. I say this because as the author states "Addiction is no respecter of a person, culture, or color. " The author discusses the question of whether addiction is a disease or a choice. I like his statement, "Addiction, like smoking and eating-related illness, is a disease. But it is a disease that begins with a choice. Just because you might be genetically more prone to addiction, ( drugs, alcohol, porn, etc) doesn't mean you're going to become an addict. You have to actually take drugs to become an addict and must drink alcohol to become an alcoholic. This a book that actually belongs in everyone's personal library because we all know someone who is addicted to something and it not only affects the addict but us all.

This is from a Facebook post that I posted while reading the book "The characteristics and plan of your invisible enemy are spelled out in the first few verses of John 10. But there's more. Your basis for hope is found in the second half of the chapter. Yes, you have an enemy who wants to take all you have and destroy you in the process. But he doesn't get to decide how this all turns out. John 10:10 says. I {Jesus} am come that they might have life. and that they might have it more abundantly'"
"There is a good life on the other side of this current darkness. But we have to make room for the One, the only One, who gives life."
"God is in the miracle business. Thankfully, that's His job and His business, not yours. "Let go and let God"
" We have to recognize God is the true heart-charger in us as well as others."
Even though this book is about addictions, I find there are things in this book that pertains to all of life and it's many problems.

Just one of the many reasons I am glad I became a book reviewer. Cause books don't just entertain they can change your life with their words if you let them.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Victor Torres was a junkie, drug-pusher, and warlord in Brooklyn’s meanest streets. Since his conversion, he has ministered Christ to thousands. He and his wife Carmen have traveled to over thirty nations preaching the Good News. Their chief undertaking, however, has been New Life for Youth, which began in 1971 in Richmond, Virginia. This growing work is one of the most respected and largest organizations in the country. Today, New Life for Youth has a ranch in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, which is helping an ever increasing number of hurting young men searching for hope, as well as a home for women with drug-related problems called the Mercy House. Their other resources in the Richmond, Virginia, area include House of Hope, a home for recovering men, and Mercy Moms, which serves women and their children. Victor and Carmen are also the founders and pastors of New Life Outreach International, a fast-growing dynamic church in Richmond, Virginia with over forty nationalities worshiping together. In 2017, his story was made into an award-winning major motion picture, Victor.

Guest Post from Victor

New Life Success Steps
  • Pray, pray, and then pray some more. And after that, pray.
  • Have faith enough for the both of you. Have faith enough for the whole family if necessary.
  • Keep fighting for your addicted loved one until they can do battle for themselves.
  • Choose to believe beyond what you can see.
  • Picture their future and believe the vision.
  • Celebrate your loved one’s freedom—dare to believe!
Healing is yours for the taking. Reach out, ask God for help, and then receive it. Never lose hope that your loved one will be healed. My life, and the lives of so many others, is proof that God can even bring the dead back to life. Your loved one was made for more than this. Don’t give up!

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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to give us a great book description and giveaway as well. Thank you so much!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing book to read. thank you for sharing

  3. Must be so difficult to watch a beloved family member struggle with an addiction. This book sounds like such a helpful and needed tool.

  4. I agree - this book belongs in every pastor's library (and a few other places as well)!