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"The Freedom Challenge" by Dawn Scott Damon Book Tour and Give Away

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 About the Book

Book: The Freedom Challenge
Author: Dawn Scott Damon
Genre:  Christian Living, Women’s Interest, Personal Growth, Devotional
Release Date: March 22, 2019
FreedomChallenge_frontcover_FinalRevisionBe free from toxic mindsets, destructive patterns of behavior, and lies that keep you bound.  
The truth behind seven little words changed Dawn Scott Damon’s life when she heard a man from a small country church sing “I am who He says I am!” Her life was transformed as she began to believe what God’s Word says about who she is in Christ, and she started her journey out of betrayal, abandonment, and deception. 
She shares compelling truths in a sixty-day interactive Bible study that identifies and confronts eight cords that keep many believers bound. These practical and powerful biblical tools are designed to give you a new mindset, a fresh beginning, and a clear direction for a positive future. 
Take the Freedom Challenge and become an active participant in your own emotional and spiritual transformation. Through a guided, intentional, and interactive daily process of putting God’s Word into practice, the strongholds of destructive and bondage-making behavior in your life can be broken. Choose to take that first step to live free from deceptive self-talk, fear, depression, toxic mindsets, and debilitating lies, among others. 
Thought-provoking questions, journaling space, confessions, and affirmations are included to help guide you toward freedom. 

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"The Freedom Challenge" by Dawn Scott Damon is a wonderful book. The challenge isn't hard to take or to understand. All you have to do to take is read the book and believe what it says. The book is about believing seven little words, “I am who He says I am!”  The seven words are not big words but they are life changing when you start to believe them.
Thought-provoking questions, journaling space, confessions, and affirmations are included to help guide you toward freedom. 
I know this book is written for women, but I am going to say that I think men would benefit from this book also because I think men has some of the same issues, false identities and deceptive self-talk, control and anger, depression and pride, unforgiveness and negative emotions.  I only read  two instances that the book specifically mention women and yes, I reread these and replaced women with men and it worked and sounded fine to me. 
I know the book says sixty days but I think for some that has been dealing with some of these issues for a long time, it might take more than sixty day but It is a great start. 
I am thankful that on the days that deals with depression that it  is sometimes a medical issue and not just sadness and that medication might be needed and that depression isn't a sin.
This is a book that belongs in every church library.
I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own. 
About the Author
Dawn Damon Bio Pic 1Dawn Scott Damon is an award-winning author, speaker, singer/songwriter, and “freedom coach.” An ordained minister with the Wesleyan Church, Dawn is the lead pastor of Tribes, a multicultural church in Rockford, MI, ministering to every generation. The founder of FreedomGirl Sisterhood conference and radio broadcast, she blogs at freedomgirlsisterhood.com. Dawn and her husband, Paul, have five children between them and eleven grandchildren. They live in the Rockford area. 

More from Dawn

As a little girl, I can remember singing in church with all my heart “Blessed Be the Ties That Bind.” Those ties that bind our hearts to one-another in love and to Jesus himself, are indeed blessed. But what about ties that aren’t blessed?
Hi I’m Dawn and I’m super glad you stopped by today!
I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. At 19 years old, I became a wife and very soon after, a mother. After years of abuse, I was also a victim of rage and bitterness. The childhood sexual trauma was over, but the abuse aftermath—anger, pain, and depression—continued to destroy me. The cords of unwanted bondage choked joy and life out of me. 
Today, I live fierce and free and serve as a freedom-coach to help others do the same. I’ve been on a journey for over 25 years, seeking God’s freedom through his truth and learning how to empower others to do the same. The Freedom Challenge: 60-Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You, is the map God gave me to find my way out of bondage, and now I’m sharing it with you! I pray you will also experience God’s glorious deliverance.
And now some fun facts about me:
I have a wonderful husband named Paul. Together we pastor a church called Tribes—but here’s the deal, he’s the “Pastor’s Spouse,” not me.
I am a grandma of 11! It’s the awesomest—a word I use to describe it! I especially like what my grandson Colton calls me…Jam’ma.
I love animals—all kinds—and I’ve determined there are absolutely no germs in dog kisses.
I also have to admit, I adore anything that glitters or sparkles and someday hope to have a bling store.
Lastly, I love Jesus and I still sing my heart out in church!

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To celebrate her tour, Dawn is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!
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James Robert said...

Thank you so much for taking time to bring to our attention another great read.   I appreciate it and thank you also for the giveaway. 

Caryl Kane said...

Wonderful review, Debbie! Thank you for sharing this timely book.

Debbie P said...

This sounds like an amazing book and I can't wait to read it.

Dianna said...

Thanks for pointing out that men could benefit from this book, too!
I was only thinking of women reading it.

Melissa W said...

This does sound like a good one for our church library. Thanks for the recommendation!

Cindi Knowles said...

I have been following this book tour and I really like your perspective, esp that men could benefit from reading this book also.

Calvin F. said...

Neat them to his book, would check it out.

Shelly Beach said...

I've read the book and have several friends who have read it. All comment on how The Freedom Challenge is changing their life. A number of us are reading it over and over.