Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"Three Keys to Cultivating the Kingdom of God

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Three Keys to Cultivating the Kingdom of God is a guide to kingdom living, right here and now. 

This book is for those who have been following Christ for decades as well as brand new believers.  Knowing one’s identity in Christ is the key foundation for living in the kingdom of God.  When Christ-followers embrace that they have been adopted as sons and daughters by God, they can dive deeper into their relationship with God and begin to step into all that He has called them to do and do so with confidence.
Throughout his book, Adrian explores the three core ideas of kingdom living: Identity, relationship, and calling, and how each of these keys impacts every area of a believer’s life.


Adrian Lance is a blogger and author from the midwest. With a background in ministry and leadership, Adrian brings a relatable approach to Christian life. His mission is to equip all believers for a life in the kingdom of God and to see its advancement on the earth today. You can read more of his writing at www.adrianlance.net

"Three Keys to Cultivating the Kingdom of God" by Adrian Lance reinforces what Christians should already know but reinforces it in an easy to understand way and the book really makes you want to get closer to God and it makes you desires the things He has for you! And you can't beat the price anywhere, so what not. Even if you haven't learned anything new, but I don't think that is possible, you haven't lost anything by reading the book. I read it in about two hours. The questions at the end of each chapters are questions to journal about.

I think every Church member should get this book! I think it should be in every Church library and when People are first saved or need reinforcement on Who They are in Christ, this book should be mentioned to them.

I especially like that the author says we have to actively seek God and step out in faith.

I recieved advanced copy of this book by the author. These opinions are my own.

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