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"God Did Not Do This To Me" by Lisa Stringer Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Book:  God Did Not Do This To Me
Author: Lisa Stringer
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living/Personal Growth
Release Date: May 4, 2020

Lisa and Doug Stringer were ministering in Massachusetts in March 2015 when a lump in Doug’s throat started to bother him. “I don’t feel well,” he told his wife. “The lump I felt in my throat a few days ago feels larger.” When they were able to see a doctor, they were horrified to learn that Doug had Stage 4 large B-cell lymphoma that was 80 percent aggressive.
Doug spent the rest of the day sitting in his car, alone in prayer. Finally, he called Lisa to tell her that he was on his way home and he wanted a family meeting and communion. Emotionally exhausted and noses still running from crying, Lisa, her mom, and Ashley gathered in the family room as Doug told them about his time with God.
“God did not do this to me—and if He did not do this to me, then it doesn’t belong to me!” he told them emphatically. It was just what they need to hear.
God Did Not Do This to Meis Lisa’s story of the family’s trials and triumphs through a cancer diagnosis. Putting on the armor of God, Doug was determined to turn his battle with cancer into an intercession for the country, even joking that the chemotherapy treatments made him resemble a bald eagle.
By the end of the year, Doug’s cancer was in remission.
“We know that the Great Physician heard the numerous prayers of our friends and spiritual family from all over the world, and blessed us all with a testimony of His healing power,” Lisa says. “We are forever changed through this experience. He has expanded my heart of compassion, taught me to pour out more grace, to be an even bigger giver, and to appreciate the little things all the more.”

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I am going to start this review with my Facebook post that I posted  while reading this book. "Most of the time I love reading and doing reviews; the book I am reading right now is really making me sad. The book is about a man who is disagnosed with cancer and it talks about the treatment and his healing. I just read a line that reminds me of mom. It is taking about when you have no energy, and you sleep all the time the people thinks they are worthless and I remember mom saying that all the time. It talks about all the time waiting on results from the pet scans and other tests. The book is very well written but brings up a lot of memories. This is a true story and the man is healed and that makes me rejoice with his family but I have to be honest and question, why isn’t everyone healed. This guy is in ministry and believes but so many others that were believers weren’t and aren’t." 

This book is really written well and it is encouraging but again, it was sad for me because I have lost both mom and dad and several friends to cancer.  But, on a positive note some of the lessons that Doug and Lisa learned could be applied to other storms that a person is struggling through, and we all have struggles in one form or another. 

I am glad that Lisa shared their journey and that she admitted to tears and I am glad that I read my book but have to admit I am still feeling sad about all the ones that weren't healed. Yes, I know many were healed instantly as they met Jesus and I am glad they aren't suffering anymore but I miss them daily. 

This book is one to read over and over when we need encouragement. Maybe, I shouldn't be saying this, but I am being honest, sometimes our struggles might not  be cancer but they are just as heartbreaking and as the little c. I said the little c because Jesus Christ is the big C. That quote is taken from the book.  The verses in this book applied to every season in our lives, because God is the same yesterday , today and tomorrow. 

I recommend "God Did Not Do This To Me" by  Lisa Stringer Book to every reader because we all have been touched by cancer in some form or another. 

I received a complementary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Lisa Stringer is the wife of Doug Stringer, the founder and president of Somebody Cares America/International, a network of organizations impacting their communities through unified grassroots efforts.
Lisa worked in the secular radio and music entertainment industry for seventeen years, becoming the first female program director of a top-40 station in a major market in the United States. Later, she became the vice president of programming and promotions of a radio group. Lisa has received numerous awards, including gold and platinum records for her contribution to the success of many highly recognizable recording artists and entertainers.
She homeschooled her daughter, Ashley, who is now enrolled in dual programs at a local community college and working on the release of her second EP.
Lisa travels with Doug as they minister to many around the globe, ranging from those of the persecuted church to those suffering in the aftermath of human tragedy, such as the Haitian earthquake, the tsunami in Japan, and Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Lisa enjoys opportunities where she has been able to interpret for her husband as they minister throughout Central and South America. She and her husband are also regular guests on various television programs that air throughout the world.
Lisa has a heart for the less fortunate, widows, and orphans. She has served on various boards and has traveled to over thirty-four nations.
The Stringers live in the greater Houston area.

More from Lisa

Doug continued to listen to whatever the doctor was telling him. I could tell something wasn’t right because Doug’s countenance had changed. It was obvious he was not receiving good news. Whatever it was, at no time did I ever imagine it to be cancer. Doug would not look at me; his eyes were locked in a forward gaze. That alone had my heart beating a tad faster.
I then heard him say, “How bad is it?” Oh, my goodness, was my heart beating right out of my chest! How bad is it? How bad is what? This can’t be bad! I was not expecting bad! Then I heard the heart-wrenching, horrible “c” word come out of my husband’s mouth. He still had his eyes fixed forward. That in itself was painful, not because he wasn’t acknowledging me, but because he was hurting and I knew that if we made eye contact, one or both of us would break down at this point.
We had been on an emotional roller coaster and we were about to take a drop from one of the scariest peaks on one of the worst rides people can experience. I was struggling with everything in me to not allow tears to stream down my face. After all, I was still only hearing one side of the conversation. I recall Doug getting choked up and his voice cracking as he fought back the natural reaction to bad news. He then asked, “What kind of cancer is it?” My heart stopped. I felt like I had been shot and life was moving in slow motion. I could feel every nerve in my body. A deep pain set in…

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Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a good book.

Deana said...

Loved your review. I love when reviewers put personal messages in the book and can relate to the story. Jesus is the big C. I love that.