Wednesday, July 29, 2020

"Still Small Voice" by Allen Brokken Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Book:  Still Small Voice
Author: Allen Brokken
Genre:Middle Grade Fantasy
Release Date: July 24, 2020
The Still Small Voice Leads the WayStill Small Voice - ebook (1)
Because of their faith, twelve-year-old Lauren and her younger brothers, Aiden and Ethan, prevailed in the battle for the Tower of Light. But their victory did not stop the Dark One. Darkness continues to spread across Zoura’s frontier.
Now, in a vision, Mother tells them to light a second tower in Blooming Glen. Before they can set out on their journey with the Knight Protector, their Uncle arrives with a different set of instructions. He doesn’t trust the Knight Protector or the Mighty Mercenaries and believes the children should go to grandma’s house instead.
Unyielding in his belief, Uncle unknowingly leads the children off their path. And a misguided acolyte follows them. Lurking in the shadows, he strikes at every opportunity as the dark forces prepare to descend.
Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan are Zoura’s last defense. Can they convince their Uncle of the truth—that he must listen to the still small voice—and make it to Blooming Glen before the Dark One’s forces overtake them?

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Once again, I am amazed that I have been blinded and prejudice to the genre of fantasy. I used to say that I didn't like and wouldn't try it, but thanks to Celebrate Lit and these tours, my eyes have been opened. It still isn't my favorite and I probably still won't pick a fantasy book in all the choices that the library and book store has but authors like Allen Brokken has broken my resolved to not read any at all.

I recommend this series "Towers of Light " it is based on the children's song "This little light of Mine" but I think it should be read in order that they were written. I was kept reading "Still Small Voice" by Allen Brokken because I was really traveling the journey with the children and wanted to know if they kept to the true path and followed the still small voice or if they followed the easy path which so many believers do. I had to keep reading to see who or if either the Knight Protector or the Uncle was evil. I hope you pick up the book and see for yourself. 

Yes, this is for children in the middle grades but I am sixty and am enjoying this series. 

There are even some laughs out loud scenes with a frog and a duck, there is even a kitten named Meow,Meow. 

I received a contemporary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

Allen Brokken is a teacher at heart, a husband and father most of all. He’s a joyful writer by the abundant grace of God. Follow his endeavors @towersoflight, @twodadsandajoke, and Your children can grow their own faith and love of God by following the adventures of Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan (plus their pets!) at

More from Allen

Still Small Voice is the much anticipated 2nd book in the Towers of Light series.  We will be launching the book with a Celebrate Lit tour on July 24th.  Come on the tour to learn about some of the places author Allen Brokken visited to research the unique frontier setting for the series.  Five of the tour stops are interviews where he shares what he learned at different historical locations as well as his inspiration for the second book which focuses in listing for the Holy Spirit’s still small voice.
As defenders of the light, three children embark on a journey to stop the dark forces invading their land.
Louder than ever before, the message of listening to the holy spirit’s still small voice resonates with an urgency that demands action.
“Still Small Voice by Allen Brokken is an adventure of a lifetime! Filled with mystery, action, family bonds, and a healthy dose of animal friends this second book in the Tower of Light Series is a fantastic continuation of the journey of siblings Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan. Their quest to spread the Light as Darkness creeps across the land is a faith-filled adventure worth joining. ~Katie Clark, author of the Enslaved Series”

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To celebrate his tour, Allen is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!
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Caryl Kane said...

Wonderful review, Debbie! Sounds like a page-turner. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie P said...

This sounds like a really great read.

James Robert said...

I appreciate hearing about your book, thanks and for the giveaway also. Thanks so much!

Allen Brokken said...

Thanks so much for the honest review. I'm so glad I can provide a positive example of the fantasy genre. I'm also very excited to let you know that you won't have to wait long for book 3, Fear No Evil. God willing it will be coming out in December, watch for updates at

Allen Brokken said...

For those that enjoyed Still Small Voice, book 3 Fear No Evil is coming out on December 5th. A free sample each volume in the series is available at

Allen Brokken said...

I wanted to thank you for your support of Still Small Voice and let you know it was chosen by the Christian Independent Publishers Association as a finalist for the 2020 Book of the year in the 8-12 year old category. It's a people's choice style award and you or your reader's vote might be the one to take it over the top. So your participation would be greatly appreciated.