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"Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel's Legacy " by K.A. Cummins Review Blast

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A mysterious snow globe shop. A multiverse at war. And a girl searching for her father.

In the heart of Vienna, twelve-year-old Sarah Ann Reisende wanders into a mysterious shop where snow globes double as portals to other worlds. After breaking the globe tethered to Earth, she discovers a cryptic note scribbled on the back of a photograph. The note links her father, who left before her third birthday, to a place called Elohi. Could this be a chance to find her father at last?

Unable to return home, Sarah follows the lead into the world of Elohi. But an army of vicious hybrids led by a genetically engineered warrior named Malvine now rules the once peaceful planet, and she becomes a target as Malvine wants to use the shop’s connections to wage war.

Can Sarah uncover the truth behind her father leaving and find a way home before Malvine gains control of the shop?

Industry Reviews

“A tween travels to a parallel Earth via snow globe in Cummins’s entertaining debut novel. . . . readers will enjoy her [Sarah’s] adventures in this creative, accessible introduction to multiverse concepts, the first in a series.” —Publishers Weekly

“Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy will appeal to science fantasy lovers of all ages and it’s most highly recommended.” —Readers’ Favorite

Awards (for Snow Globe Travelers)

2019 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Silver Medalist

Author Bio

K.A. Cummins is an award-winning indie author who enjoys delving into the wonders of the universe to connect human experiences with imaginary settings filled with possibility and adventure. Her work has appeared on and she’s a former Lands Unchartedcontributor.

Cummins lives in Alabama with her husband and their youngest son, whom she homeschools.

I really wanted to like "Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel's Legacy " by  K.A. Cummins but it fell short for me. I like the idea of snow globes travelers but the heroine didn't have the characteristics of a 12 year  consistently  throughout the book.  I am not sure if there is going to be another book but  the ending left me  confused. I realize this book is written for ages 10-18 and is sci-fi.

I recommend this book to younger children that likes sci-fi and I think it would be a great book for parents that read to younger children. 

I received a contemporary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these are my own opinions.

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  1. What would you do if you were stranded far from home—on another planet? SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS

  2. Where would you go if you discovered a snow globe shop that opened portals to other worlds? SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS

  3. A young girl must face a genetically engineered warrior and his army of vicious hybrids. SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS

  4. Can 12 year-old Sarah stop a warrior and his army from gaining the power to invade other worlds? SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS

When 12 year-old Sarah breaks the snow globe connected to Earth, shattered glass is the least of her problems. SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS


K.A. Cummins said...

Thank you for reading Snow Globe Travelers and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’ll give the second book a try when it comes out this fall.

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Thanks for the poost