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"Alabama Days" by Daphne Self Book Tour and GiveAway

Alabama Days

About the Book

Book:  Alabama Days

Author: Daphne Self

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: June 16, 2020

updatedcoverADHow could a loving God hurt so many people?

Paramedic Scott Wilson believes he can chase death away, but his spirit is shattered when people he loves are taken from him. As a paramedic, Scott sees every day the pain that people suffer, and he wants no part of a God that would allow bad things to happen to good people. As a result, he hides behind his work and addiction to ease the pain within his soul.

But once newspaper reporter Angela Mabry and her son, Max, move into town, Scott can’t help but notice the feisty redhead. Angela is determined to uncover the town’s seedy underbelly and reveal the strange coincidences of so many car accidents at one location.

When a prominent city official dies in a car wreck, Scott and Angela find themselves tangled in intrigue and deception. Together they search for the truth and discover that not all is what it seems.


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"Alabama Days" by Daphne Self is the second book in the saga You don't have to read the first book because this is a stand alone, but like always I am glad I did.  

"Alabama Days" by Daphne Self is about how good people, in this case a paramedic could become hooked on drugs. I how to admit that both of the books made me tear up at the beginning because of death. But the more I read I realized that these books were "Real Life " 

I am glad that I am on this book tour because I am sorry to say that I have actually had "Mississippi Nights" for years and have never read it because I have always had others books to read but since I had to write a review for "Alabama Days"  , I decided to read it first and I am so happy that I did. I will definitely read any more books by this author if she writes them.

This is a novel  of romance, mystery, suspense, and gentle exploration of drug abuse.  It also talks about "Why does  God allow some people to die and others are allowed to live.  It is also a mystery that puts the hero and heroine in danger.

I really appreciate that in the midst of all the suspense and the questioning and "real Life" is a Strong Christian message. This book just might make an unbeliever start to rethink their unbelief. The book talks about how each person finds God in his own way when he searches for Him and how God gives us free will. I have to disagreed with one statement in the book through,
"But it’s how we live our life that determines where we are in the eternal scheme of things." in relation to our eternal destiny." 

Because if you aren't saved by the blood of Jesus, you aren't in God's will. Ok, after I wrote  that and thought about, I guess the statement  in the book does ring somewhat true, because if you are saved by the blood you are going to live like it, yes, even if we  are saved we do wrong but we still live differently then just being a good person. 

I really like Scot's grandma, (  and not just because her name is Debbie)  and Dottie.

Once again, this book kept me reading because I had to know what was going to happen to Scott, Angela and Rochelle. There were actually a couple of times I was on the edge of my seat.

I recommend this book to all readers who likes "real life' stories in their fictional reads.

I received a contemporary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

67177558_10217230486728501_1529675924142817280_o“I am a stranger in the earth; Do not hide Your commandments from me” (Psalm 119:119). This verse is Daphne’s life.
“Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, ‘Peace, be still!’ And the wind ceased and there was a great calm” (Mark 4:39). This verse is the promise made to Daphne.

Daphne Self, formerly published under the name D.M. Webb, resides in Iowa. As a Mississippian transplant, she spends her days in the Midwest state writing, editing, reading, antiquing, and planning adventures with her husband and sons. She pursues her dream as an editor and author with one goal in mind: To Glorify His Name. Daphne is also an avid reader who devours books in many genres.


More from Daphne

Why Did I Write What I Wrote?

One question that is always asked of me: “How did you come up with your book?”

Well, it is simple and complex. Like the helix shape of a DNA strand that holds four proteins in an infinite combination, my ideas are a lot like that. My first book, Mississippi Nights, started off as a book from my childhood. I wrote One Big Happy Family when I was about 16. It was buried and put aside for so many, many years. And after the line-of-duty death of my husband in 2005, the idea of resurrecting that novel percolated for some time. Finally in 2010, I took the story, revamped it, and drew from life to create a story about the prodigal son who returns home to family. It wasn’t just his story, but a story about his brother, a family friend, and a little girl. Mississippi Nights brought to life the story of alcoholism and how a person can fall into that addiction.

After that book was published, I started thinking: “What if someone saw death, hurt, and sorrow on a daily basis? What if that person didn’t have Jesus to lean upon? What would he do?”

And that’s how Alabama Days was born. While Mississippi Nights dealt with alcoholism, Alabama Days dealt with drug abuse, and in this case, prescription drug abuse.

Yet it was much deeper than that. What if the person was a really good guy? He was likable, generous, loving, yet he lacked that one relationship that would bring him peace. If he were someone who did what was right, no matter what, what would happen if he committed a wrong act only to find that his wrong act saved the life of another?

I had so many ethnical questions thrown at my characters. How would a Christian and a non-Christian react to certain circumstances. Because life isn’t always clear-cut, yet the Bible is, I wanted to show the messiness of being human.

We know that as Christians, we all fall short. We all sin at times. The difference is that when we sin, we know we can receive forgiveness and “Go and sin no more.” But how would a person who ran from God think? How would I react if I were like him?

Writers play around with what-ifs. We see the many facets of humanity. And that’s how our stories are born. And why we write what we do. For me, I want to show the many sides of human nature and behaviour and show that in all things, Jesus is the answer. Jesus is there for us all.

So, why do I write what I do? To bring glory to His Name and hope that through my words, people will come (or return) to Christ.

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To celebrate her tour, Daphne is giving away the grand prize package of a copy of Mississippi Nights, a copy of Alabama Days, a floral mug, a leather Is. 40:31 bookmark, 2 mini notebooks, and a Paramedic Prayer keyring with velvet pouch!!

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Deana said...

I think this is one of your best reviews.Your passion for the message in the story is evident. Thank you for sharing this with readers.

Bea LaRocca said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful review and the book and author details, this sounds like a must read for me

Jan H said...

I am impressed with the storyline and would love to read this book.

Roxanne C. said...

This author evidently writes her stories in such a way as to keep it real, and that is a definite plus for me as a reader.