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"If You Really Knew Me" by Alison Cheah Book Tour and GiveAway

If you Really Knew Me

About the Book

Book: If You Really Knew Me

Author: Alison Cheah

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

Release date: December, 2021

Cover full 1101 - If you really knew me_FrontTommy is glad of friendships which make him forget the situation at home. His father’s illness makes his behavior so unpredictable that the whole family must tip-toe around him for fear of becoming the butt of his anger.

Elise wishes her twin sister didn’t think being champion swimmers was an adequate goal for their lives. She has her own dreams to fulfill.

Carrie hides a secret, avoiding other students so nobody will ever find it out. But Tommy and Elise both look to Carrie to save them from their situations.

Until she disappears.

Tommy’s protective instinct kicks in, and Elise reassesses her priorities so she can help keep Carrie safe.


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"If You Really Knew Me" by Alison Cheah is a book written for children but I can tell you this 62 year old grandma enjoyed the book and really identified with the characters.  This is a story that shows that you need to be true to yourself and it also explains that God Is Love. I like that this book shares the Gospel message in a way that children can clearly understand it. Yes, the book deals with abuse and children disobeying their parents and foster care, but this is all part of the world and we can't keep our heads buried in the sand and pretend that these things don't happen because they do.  The book shows that these things can be overcome if placed in God's Love" 

I really identified with this poem  from the book and I shared it on facebook

“I edit all my photos, I cannot let them see, What would they think if just for once They saw the Real Me? I’ll never let them see me, They can’t know the Real Me. I hide my secret deep inside, Where they can never see, They want me to be someone else, Don’t show the Real Me. I’ll never let them see me, They can’t know the Real Me. Those photos stop me being The friend I’d like to be, What if I stopped my editing, And showed the Real Me? Perhaps I’ll let them see me, Can they know the Real Me?’ ”
“ ‘One day I’ll post a photo, That shows them I am free To be precisely who I am, I’m not ashamed of me.’ And then they’ll see what I am like, They’ll see the Real Me.’ 
I  think most of us could identify with this regardless of our age. I recommend this book to all mature readers. I was given a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

alison-cheah-high resolution 1Alison Cheah worked at Youth for Christ for five years and volunteers with her church youth group. One of her favorite activities is preparing Bible Studies and seeking how to connect the stories of the Bible with her students’ own stories.

As a child she was always to be seen with her nose in a book, and nothing has changed. One of her favorite authors was Patricia St. John. Her characters are people you want to know, and you are rooting for them to overcome their problems, but for Alison, the added dimension was that each person discovers their answers in Jesus. She saw that the faith she had grown up with had applicability in real life.

Her prayer is that this story has the same result for you.


More from Alison

I spent five years working at Youth for Christ with middle school students like Tommy, Carrie, and Elise. They are not based on kids I met, but they are inspired by my experiences then.

My friend and mentor in youth ministry was Anna-Marie Valles who is also a character in Tommy, Carrie and Elise’s story helping them to make sense of some of the questions they have.

We don’t get to know her well in the book, but I had a chat with her recently about youth ministry and here is an extract from that conversation. I think you will enjoy getting to know her better.


Alison: In the story, Elise shares her problems with you. Do you find teens want to talk to an adult about their problems?


AMV: Kids are hungry to be able to unload their stories on people who are willing to listen. I remember in one club a student said that all day, adults were telling him what to do. But club was a space where people were asking him, “How are you feeling? “What are your thoughts on this?” He was shocked.


Alison: You were only eighteen when you started in youth ministry. After all these years, how do you stay current so kids still want to talk with you?


AMV: If you come to kids with a willingness to learn, you become relevant. Say to them, “Tell me what’s going on?” Don’t pretend you have all the answers. I find that has worked for me. “I don’t know your culture like you do. But I’m willing to see through your lens if you’re able to share that with me.”

Age is interesting. I always worried I would age out. At my application interview for seminary I said, “I always thought if I aged out of youth ministry, I’d be a chaplain.” And the professor called me out on that. You never age out because kids still need that safe place where someone is willing to listen.


Alison: The profits from this book will be used to send kids to camp. Why is this important to you?


AMV: Youth ministry is all relational. But trust can take a while to build. The beauty of camps is that you can create a bond in one week that could take two years without.


And at camp they hear the gospel presented in different ways by different speakers. Other people’s creativity and presentation may reach my students in a way that I haven’t been able to.


What saddens me is not everyone can go because camps are costly. My desire is that every student who wants to go will have the opportunity to do so.


For more of this conversation, see

(Interview transcribed by )

My prayer is that the story of Tommy, Carrie and Elise will be one of those different speakers Anna-Marie talked about, helping kids to begin their own relationship with Jesus.


Thank you.


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Great review, thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of If You Really Knew Me, this sounds like a must read for my grandchildren and I

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Excellent review. I look forward to reading this book. Sounds like I will learn some valuable lessons from this story.

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Thank you for your lovely review. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

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Love the cover and the book seems my kind of read.

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thanks for writing this book. so many kids are afraid for one reason or another to share who they really are. i love that the proceeds are going to help kids go to camp