Monday, February 17, 2014

The Treasure of Isian" by Serena Clarke.

Just finished reading "The Treasure of Isian" by Serena Clarke.I am surprised I am giving this book 5 stars. It is not my normal kind of read but I enjoyed this book. Prince Garin sets off to find The Magical Treasure Of Isian after his younger brother Prince Rogan tells him the secret of it. The secret is that it is a treasure that will grant your every wish. Prince Garin and his servant Elani ( a girl of 17, which for the last 13 years had been his servant and who is secretly in love with him) doesn't even know what the treasure is, only that he wants it. Prince Garin and Elani encounters giants and elves and centaurs. The centaurs tell them the treasure will not be what they are expecting. Elani must killed a water-witch and free Prince Garin from dragons and find the magical looking glass of Isian. Then the seer tells her " You do not know who you are and that finding the glass is your special mission. They find help from a old friend of Prince Garin's father. They do discovered the treasure and it is a surprise to all. The ending is the best surprise of all! If all fantasy was written like this I might read more fantasy, I will be looking for more of her novels to read! This book was given to me to read for an honest review!

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