Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"A Plain Disappearance" by Amanda Flower

"A Plain Disappearance" by Amanda Flower is another five star story in (An Appleseed Creek Mystery). I think this book is my favorite of the series.

Like the other books, this could be a stand alone novel but it is enhanced by reading the other 2  novels first.

"A Plain Disappearance " starts out with Timothy and Chloe on a sleigh ride, enjoying the day. All too soon their joy is spoiled by discovering a body in the snow. While waiting on the police chef to arrive, they also discovered that Timothy's best friend, Billy may be the one responsible for the death!

Billy has disappeared, so Timothy and Chloe are on the hunt to find him. When they do find him, they learn he isn't really who he says he is, but that doesn't mean he is the killer!  There are a lot of scary moments when they finally catch up to where Billy has hidden!

The best part in this book is what happens to Curt,( one of the English boys set on causing trouble).

The ending in all three books were a surprise to me, but I have to say this ending was a Big Surprise. I had no clue who was the murderer. The twists and turns in this story kept me turning the pages!

The  ending left me wanting more in the series.

I haven't been disappointed in any of this author's books that I have read and am looking forward to reading more from her!

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