Monday, April 7, 2014

"Raspberries And Vinegar" by Valerie Comer

"Raspberries And Vinegar" by Valerie Comer gets five stars from me. I was given a copy of the second book in this series ( A Farm Fresh Romance)  and  even though they can be  stand alones, I have to read series in the order they are written so I have to get this book and I can say I don't feel like I wasted my 99 cents.

Josephine Shaw and her two friends buy an old farm in Idaho together with the purpose of growing their own food and proving to those around them that they can make a difference with Christian  beliefs. There ideals are almost working except they cannot get rid of their mice problem and they don't want a cat. This story is a really funny clean romance!

Zachary Nemesek is their next door neighbor and the grandson of the lady they bought the farm from. He is a veterinary and doesn't agree with there ideals. Jo and Zach are attracted to each other, but Zach's grandmother is in the nursing home where Jo works and she is trying to get rid of all unhealthy snacks and the sparks fly. 

Will the three girl's friendship last and will Zach and Jo end up together or Zack and one of the other girls? I know and so will you if you read this book!

This book isn't all roses and sunshine either, There is a section that is really heartbreaking but I think that is what makes this such a wonderful story as well as the romances in this book.

At the end of the book Valerie Comer gives the recipe for the Raspberry and vinegar tea that is drank in the story.

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