Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Wild Mint Tea" by Valerie Comer

"Wild Mint Tea" by Valerie Comer is another five star book. It is the second book in the Farm Fresh Romance Trilogy" .

"Wild Mint Tea" begins with Claire Halford applying for the job of  temporary chef at Enterprising Reforestation.

Noel Kenzie is the owner of Enterprising Reforestation, a tree planting service, who doesn't hire Claire because of the instant attraction, they both feel.

To soften the blow of Noel not hiring Claire, Noel asks his sister Amber to have her wedding at Green Acres and that is a big order.

The attraction gets stronger for both Claire and Noel but there is a problem, Claire can only love a guy whose first prioporty is to love God and serve Him with his whole being, and Noel isn't that type of guy.

This book like the first book ( "Raspberries and Vinegar" ) in this series is about family relationships and how your relationship with God is the most important one you can have.

There is danger and the three friends, Jo and Claire and Sierra are faced with the possibility of losing everything they have worked to build due to a fire.

I absolutely loved the ending of this story.It was a wonderful surprise.

These books are easily read and so enjoyable that any reader of romance would like them even with them being Christian genre. I recommend these books! They are a mixture of romance and humor and real life.

There is a recipe for Taco stew, which is mentioned in this story. There are discussion questions at the end of the book. 

I was given an ebook copy by the author for my honest review and I hope I am lucky enough to review the third in this trilogy "Sweetened With Honey'.