Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda Brunstetter

"Goodbye To Yesterday" by Wanda Brunstetter gets 5 stars from me. I loved this novella. It is part 1 of 6 in the A Lancaster County Saga. I don't usually like books like that this, I want the whole book at once but I was given this book by a friend and was kept turning the pages till the end. Luke and Meredith are a young married Amish couple and Luke has lost his job. This story tells about their struggles and how like a lot of married couples they don't really share what they are thinking. Luke gets a call from his uncle to go to Indiana and learn a new trade and even through Meredith doesn't want him to go, he does. Meredith thinks she might be pregnant but she doesn't tell Luke because she doesn't want him to worry more about their finances. When Luke goes to the restroom at the bus stop he is beat up and robbed by a drug user.  This book leaves you wanting to read the next part. I love Wanda Brunstetter's books and this one hasn't disappointed me so far except I want to see how the story ends. Does Luke make it to Indiana and is Meredith pregnant ? TO BE CONTINUE.

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