Friday, February 1, 2013

Safe In His Arms by Colleen Coble

Safe In His Arms" by Colleen Coble gets 5 stars from me. This book is a great stand alone but I'm glad I read "Blue Moon Promise" first to know the characters. I would recommend all of Colleen Coble's books.This book is mostly a love story with a mystery included. I wanted to finish this book in a hurry to see what was going to happen next and when I got to the ending I wanted to read more about the characters. In this book Margaret O'Brien's father hires a new foreman,(Daniel Cutler) for their ranch. Margaret is really upset because she has helped her father build up the ranch. Daniel Cutler isn't want he appears to be. Margaret  is confused about Daniel because she thinks he is a bad man but he is always talking about God. I received this book free from Litfuse for a honest review. and to learn more about Colleen Coble go to http:/

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