Friday, March 21, 2014

"A Plain Death" by Amanda Flower

‎"A Plain Death" by Amanda Flower gets 5 stars from me and I cannot wait to read the other two stories in this series, "An Appleseed Creek Mystery"

Chloe Humphrey moves to Appleseed Creek for a new job at the college and befriends Becky, An ex-Amish teenager, and then all sorts of troubles happens for Chloe and Becky. Becky takes Chloe's car to go for an job interview and there is a accident and the Amish bishop is killed. Chloe turns into a amateur sleuth to discover why her breaks fail since her car was in perfect working order. Mix in with all the mystery there is love developing between Chloe and Timothy, Becky's Brother. Can they solved the mystery, was the Bishop's death an accident or murder, and will Timothy and Chloe find they really do make a nice couple.

This book is a murder mystery but has some funny parts. Chloe has named her GPS Pepper and her cat is named Gigabyte.

The ending was a surprised, I really didn't see it ending that way

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