Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Amish Dynasty": Amish Romance Fiction by Sophia Grace

Book Description: When two Amish kids find a strongbox full of twenty-dollar gold pieces from the 1800's in the murky waters of Pigeon Creek, they think their future is set for them...until Becca breaks her promise to Jeremiah for the sake of honoring her parent's unreasonable demands for her future--a future she does not want. 
Greed and betrayal soon replace a friendship as a result of this broken promise. Will their broken bond keep them from learning the hard lessons of growing up, or does their word of honor become so clouded with anger, it leaves no room for forgiveness

My Review: "Amish Dynasty": Amish Romance Fiction by Sophia Grace is a different type of Amish story, but I loved it. Who says that they all have to be alike, we readers all like different things and this book is different but it still has Amish values and beliefs, the only different is there is much more kissing in this book but nothing inappropriated and is a clean read for all ages.

What do two Amish teens do when they find a fortune in gold coins? They are too young to marry then but make a promise to marry when they are old enough. They think their future is all mapped out until Becca's parents have other plans, so Becca breaks her promise to marry Jeremiah to obey her parents.

Jermiah is bitter and runs away with all the treasure and both Becca and Jeremiah have to live for 20 years with his hasty decision. Then Jeremiah makes a decision to go back and make amends with Becca and asks forgiveness. The surprise Jeremiah finds there makes this reader believe that love is still alive in storybook land. I love the ending to this short story.

This book is a short story but it is also a complete story that shows forgiveness is never too late even after 20 years.

Of course, as in every story there is that one character that all readers want to see get what was coming to him for being so mean.  I can tell you that is true in this story as well but I can't tell you if the character does or not as that would be a spoiler, but I hope you read this story, I can tell you that you won't be disappointed.

There are moments in this book that might have you laughing out loud. I even shared one such moment on my Facebook page because it was a moment that my husband and I had shared, it was about fishing. The Amish are like us "plain" people in some ways.

I am happy to tell you that "Amish Dynasty"is the first in a series so more is coming. I want to know more about the other characters in the story so I am hoping that the other books in the series are about them as well as Becca and Jeremiah. I am anxiously awaiting the other books.

I am giving "Amish Dynasty" five stars.

Author Info: Sophia Grace is proud to be a stay-at-home mom. Home-schooling her four daughters on their small farm, she is able to incorporate some of the same values as the Amish in her every-day lessons. 
Sophia and her husband have cultivated a considerable-sized "kitchen garden" on their land, where she also enjoys riding her horse, Whinny.
Going only by her first and middle name, Sophia Grace leaves off her last name to maintain her private home-life. 
Having always loved to write, Sophia decided to develop some of her stories into books. Her personal knowledge of the Amish has inspired her to write about them, and all her English teachers always told her to write about what she knows. She hopes you will enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

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