Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"Misstep" by Deborah Dee Harper

Pastor Hugh Foster: His heart was in the right place, even if, in hindsight, it appeared he’d clearly taken leave of his senses. 

It’s December in Road’s End, Virginia, a tiny town long forgotten by anyone but its residents, where Colonel Hugh Foster and his wife, Melanie, have chosen to live—for better or worse. The jury’s still out on that one!
Road’s End is comprised entirely of senior citizens whose kids have grown and left for greener pastures. Hugh, Melanie, and Bristol (one of the few sane people in town) are faced with a crumbling church in desperate need of repair and renovation, a dwindling congregation of opinionated, ornery senior citizens, and a camel—yes, a camel. And if that's not enough, the trio and the rest of the Road's End residents are soon mired in danger and intrigue when a group of gun-toting drug dealers arrive in town, bent on killing the church handyman, and conspiring to ruin the doggonedest record-breaking blizzard the town has ever seen.

Poor drug dealers.

  • Series: Road's End Series
  • Paperback: 378 pages
  • Publisher: Write Integrity Press (August 9, 2015)

About the Author: 

Deborah Dee Harper writes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and specializes in humorous, inspirational Christian books for both children and adults. Her novel, Misstep, is the first book in her Road’s End series for adults (although children are welcome to read them as well). She’s also written a children’s adventure series, Laramie on the Lam, that is inspirational, humorous, and full of fun. (Many of Laramie’s fans are adults!)

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My Review: 
"Misstep" by Deborah Dee Harper is a cute story about a strange little town where anything is possible. The town has a blizzard and criminals come to town. This story is a mystery and has a surprise ending. The characters are likable and funny. There are surprises all through the story. If you want a fun and sometimes laughs out scenes than I recommend" Misstep" by Deborah Dee Harper.

The animals in this book even have minds of their own.

Thoroughly enjoyed this novel so much and had to read the next one, "Faux Pas" as soon as I finished reading it.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

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