Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"The Heart of Home" by Stephenia H. McGee

 Book Info : 
Once a wistful romantic, Opal Martin now simply aspires to scrub the remnants of the War Between the States from her tattered life. But when a nearly drowned soldier appears and asks if he can die on her porch, she must guard against the sudden revival of her heart's hope for love.

Haunted by the war, Tristan Stuart just wants to escape the pain. But when he wakes up at a house that looks too much like home with a woman determined to mend him, he may discover a new life worth fighting for. In order to save the last of what Opal holds dear, will he become the man she needs or let the troubled waters carry him away?

The Heart of Home is a companion novella to companion novella to In His Eyes. While The Heart of Home stands entirely on its own, readers will enjoy seeing Ella and Westley again in Opal's story.
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My Review: 
"The Heart of Home" by Stephenia H. McGee is a companion novella to In His Eyes. "The Heart of Home" can be read as a stand alone, but, I recommend reading" In His Eyes" first to get the background story.

This novel is a love story that begins in an unusual way, a nearly drowned soldier appears and asks if he can die on her porch.

The 109 pages are filled with lots of twists, like the man who appears on the porch who wants to buy Opal's and her mother's house, but what is his reasoning. I really didn't see this plot turning up the way it did.

The ending was a complete surprise and so really romantic.

I recommend "The Heart of Home" by Stephenia H. McGee to anyone that wants a short clean love story with the hero coming in to save the heroine when least expected.

I am including this quote from the story " No, life is not a story,"... "where every problem is immediately resolved and every couple falls in love and then never has a care in the world."......" But real love is much better. You are stronger for the pain you fight through together, and closer for the wounds you help one another heal. Love isn't without conflict, nor is it without sacrifice. But, my darling, that is the love that seeps all the way into our souls, and has the substance to last." 

Doesn't that quote give you goosebumps and make you want to experience that for yourself? 

Definitely a five star novel. 

I was given a complimentary copy by the author. These opinions are my own.

About The Author

Stephenia H. McGee writes stories of faith, hope, and healing set in the Deep South. After earning a degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences, she discovered her heart truly lies with the art of story. She put pen to page and never looked back. Visit her at www.StepheniaMcGee.com for books and updates.

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