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"Gators, Guts, & Glory" by Lauralee “Blissful” Bliss Book Tour and GiveAway

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About the Book

Book: Gators, Guts, & Glory

Author: Lauralee “Blissful” Bliss

Genre: Non-Fiction, Hiking, Adventure

Release date: July 15, 2019

Gators, Guts, and GloryWander on the wild and humorous side of adventure with long distance hiker Lauralee Bliss (trail name Blissful), hiking the 1,100-mile Florida Trail from Big Cypress National Preserve to Gulf Islands National Seashore. From alligators and cottonmouths to tenting among the palmettos and walking on water, from forests of cypress knees and lofty pine to the help of trail angels along the way, “Blissful” uncovers the hidden gems of glory in this National Scenic Trail with a unique journey unlike any other.

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"Gators, Guts, & Glory" by Lauralee “Blissful” Bliss was a interesting read. It is a journal,( at least that is what I call it).

 "I'm walking the trials I know best-those that traverse mountain rangers, cross streams plying over moss-covered rocks, meander through hardwoods and spruce, and deliver stunning views and a great finish."  She has hiked many times but she wrote this about the 1,100 mile Florida Trail from Big Cypress National Preserve to Gulf Islands National Seashore. But, she decides to hike it anyway and this book tells her journey.

While reading chapter 2, I was asking myself, why do hikers hike when there are dangers like thorns, tree stabbings , ankle injuries, food deprivations, dehydration, and getting lost? I was telling myself, this hobby is not for me. After finishing the book I am still saying "Not for Me."

The author says "It's not just about me walking a trail. It's a journey of faith and hope and pointing to the One who cares for all of us. He is our Provider in times of need, even in the darkness and the challenges and the good times. He is in the forefront of all we do. He is our all in all. And He will see me through to the end."

I read this book because of the book  tour, but it isn't one that I would have checked out of the library on my own because I am not interested in hiking. After  reading this book , I do have to say I have more respect and awe for hikers, and just more awareness for  courageous individuals who do hike.

I was amazed at all the help the author received from strangers, in this day and age I would be afraid to accept rides and etc. from someone I just knew from online groups. I guess that is where the author trusted God.

I probably still  won't check out a book like from the libray, but I have to say I am glad I was on this tour and got a chance to read this book and I'm not sorry for the time I spent reading it.

This book has pictures showing some of the scenes. I have both the print and the kindle copy and the kindle copy the pictures are in color.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.   

About the Author

Lauralee Bliss FloridaLauralee Bliss is an avid adventurer, one of only a few women to hike the entire Appalachian Trail both north and south. She is also the published author of over 25 romance novels and novellas. Lauralee’s desire is that readers will come away with both an entertaining story and a lesson that ministers to the heart. She makes her home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

More from Lauralee

Why hike the Florida Trail of all things?

L – I’ve had several adventures under my belt, like completing the Appalachian Trail twice (see book one in the Hiking Adventure Series – Mountains, Madness and Miracles – 4000 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail)! We used to vacation in Florida as many do come winter, and once we came upon the Florida Trail sign. I couldn’t imagine hiking among the palm trees. After talking to other hikers who had done it, I knew it would be a unique experience unlike any other. After all, why should life be boring?

It all sounds kind of dangerous – the alligators, the swamps. Were you scared?

L – I’ll admit there are facets of hiking that can cause scary situations. Once I got stuck in mud-like quicksand. In Florida it’s known as sucking mud, and I thought I’d never get out of it. Can you imagine? I also had some rough weather, dangerous water crossings, and an encounter with a cottonmouth. Btu through it I learned about God’s peace and His saving hand in situations where you really have no control.

What did you do to prepare?

L – I hiked as much as I could. I talked with other hikers and asked questions. I joined online trail forums to find out about the Florida Trail. I bought the guidebook for it. I believe one should always try to prepare and not venture into something blind. But of course there’s always the unexpected, which adds to the adventure aspect.

What lessons did you learn?

L – What one can accomplish in life if you keep going and not give up, despite the challenging situations thrust your way. I like to go on these journeys to witness God’s care in my life firsthand and seeing the kindness of others to help a hiker in need. I’ve had people try to give me money. Folks that invited me into their homes or given me rides. The human spirit is amazing and one of the most valuable things I experienced.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

L – I am an avid adventurer covering thousands of trail miles in the US from east to west including two completions of the Appalachian Trail, the Colorado Trail, the Long Trail of Vermont, the Allegheny Trail of West Virginia, and the Foothills Trail of South Carolina. I have also authored of over 25 romance novels and novellas and when not writing or hiking, I love to talk to others about hiking. My motto is – make your dream come true! (and it has, in more ways than one)

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