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"Don't Judge a Bug by Its Cover" by Laura St.John

Help your children learn at an early age how to avoid body shaming, bullying and judging others.

This morals-based book is perfect for children from three to eight.

If you like Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstrein then you'll love this sweet story that helps families have open discussions with children about non-judgmental approaches to friends. Promote anti-bullying, team work, welcoming others, and seeing the beauty in everything and everyone around you. 

What happens when a sweet ladybug named Lace meets up with a suave wise bug named Mr. Roach? The unlikely pair begins an adventure that will change their lives forever. As they travel through breathtaking surroundings and go about their days, they discover that the need for others is what helps them get by in life. 

Surrounded by true friends and beautiful landscape, they soon realize the real beauty is within. Every step in a bug s world is filled with uncertainty and unpredictable situations. The tales of their everyday lives as bugs is really no different than our own. When we realize that we are all part of the bigger picture, then everyone can do their part to show kindness. That s when the heart sees more than the eyes.

About Laura St. John

Children's author Laura St. John first started writing poetry as a child. Just for fun she created a tiny book of poems that reflected events that were going on in her life: the death of her father, moving away from her best friend, her first love. It soon turned into a joy of writing that led to receiving numerous awards for her copywriting abilities and extemporaneous speaking skills. In college, she won first place for her newspaper literacy campaign from the American Academy of Advertising and has worked at several ad agencies in the media and creative departments. Later, Laura was able to showcase more writing ability as the Creative Service Director at a radio station.

Laura is married with two children that have enjoyed growing up with bedtime stories every night. She has always felt that words have been an important form of communication, on paper or verbally. As an entertainer, she has grown to love presenting words through music, either writing lyrics to songs or singing them. She has written several children's book and plans on one day writing a biography about her life.

Having grown up without a lot, Laura quickly learned the true value of a kind heart and good friendships. Don't Judge a Bug by Its Cover was inspired to show the value of seeing others, not for what is on the outside but what is on the inside; never judging others for what they have but rather who they are.

Laura St. John was born in the Washington DC area but calls herself a Floridian at heart, having been on the East coast of Florida since the age of 12. She lost her dad at five years old and was raised by her Italian mother who always made sure there was wholesome food on the table and clothes in the closet. She also has an older and younger brother.

Laura loves animals (bugs too) and feels they represent the innocence of pure, unconditional love. Though Laura was shy as a child, she came out of her shell by using her voice in song. While attending a Catholic school, the nuns helped discover her special gift of music. But it was her high school choral teacher who really developed Laura's voice and always told her to sing with her soul. This gave her the confidence to perform on stage as a lead singer on several cruise ships and in bands. The love for words shows in every song she performs and every book she writes.

Laura felt strongly about performing AND writing so she learned to develop successful ad campaigns in advertising and marketing arenas. She also has devoted much of her time and energy to being a military and airline wife and raising two wonderful young adults. Being a mom is one of the hardest things anyone can do, and she always felt giving her kids the best start in life was very important. When her kids were younger, she developed a character called the 'Alphabet Chef' and turned that into another arm of her entertainment company (

Please like her Facebook pages Laura St. John Enterprises. Hear her sing and checkout all of her entertainment features on her website at where you can order more copies of her books and even a sample music CD.

Everyone is born into this world as a special creation of God. We are all beautiful in our own way. It is up to you and me to see the beauty in all things. Once it is seen, it can shine – like the shiny brown coat of a cockroach.”   This quote is the last words of the book and it is so very meaningful. This quote is the whole idea of this book.
This book is written for children but I really liked it. Yes, the book is about a friendship about a ladybug and a cockroach. This book really teaches the concept of not helping or liking something just because it is not the same as everything else.

I do have to be honest and say I have a little problem with it being about a cockroach, being some children might have a problem with adults after reading this book, trying to get rid of roaches  if they see them in their houses or as in the case, as it is in the book, they are on a blanket in the park.  I mean I get the part of not bullying and all but at the same time, a person cannot tolerate roaches as it is a health issue.  Yes, I am an adult and understand the concept of the book and yes, I will read the book to my grandchildren, and explain that there is a use for them and maybe search the web to find why and what they were created for.

In all, the book is a really good book.

I received a complimentary copy by the CWA. These opinions are my own.

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