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"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright.

Book Info: 

Real-life isn’t always cute, cuddly, and comfortable. The first Christmas was anything but, and yet the love story that surrounds it defies imagination.

The author narrates the story of what might have happened through a combination of humor, speculation, and contemporary application to our lives. The book is written to show us God’s love and how hard it is for us to sometimes accept God’s plan for our lives. It will cause us to reflect and consider all our preconceived notions of the first Christmas. 

Mary and Joseph’s story is a love story, pure and simple. It's the story of a young couple that overcame obstacles you never dreamed of. We have a hero every girl dreams of meeting. We have a heroine every girl admires. And we have every trope, emotion, and roadblock to wedded bliss you could ever fathom. Matthew and Luke wrote the outline that R. Marshall Wright has turned it into the greatest love story God ever told.

Just imagine? What if your name is Mary, and an angel appeared and told you that you are going to have God’s baby? What if you are only fourteen years old? What if you weren’t married? What if your name is Joseph, and you are engaged to Mary? You haven’t been intimate and one day you find out she’s pregnant? What do you do with a girl you thought you loved who is having a baby by another man? What do you do when the angel tells you to marry her? How do you tell your very pregnant wife she’s going to stay in a barn? How do you tell a young mother, at two in the morning, to pack her things to leave for Egypt? How does your conscience handle 65 babies dying so yours can live? How do you return home to the family who rejected you and start over? Let's look at some possible answers to tough these questions and find love along the way. 

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About The Author: 

Richard Marshall Wright writes under the pen name of R. Marshall Wright. He graduated from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine in 1969 and Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey in 1972. He is a retired evangelical pastor, and a retired U.S. Army Chaplain with 23 years Active and Reserve service to our country. 

He has been married to his wife, Lynn, for fifty years. They are blessed to be able to spend summers on a lake in Michigan and winters in Sebring, Florida. They have two children and five grandchildren. Marnie is married to Arick and is the eldest and has been a stay at home mom rearing three active boys...Luke, Levi, and Loden. She holds a Masters degree from Northwestern in communications and is a writer. Trevor is married to Lori and is a successful pastor in Findlay, Ohio. And he too writes. His two are Emma, who is the oldest grandchild, only girl, and her brother Cole. They are extremely proud of everyone in the family.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a story that is mostly Biblical and partly the author's thoughts on what happened that isn't recorded in the Bible.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  It is really quite different than I have read before. It does contain actual scriptures and it even has personal info from the author's life that makes his thoughts in the story more believable.

I really recommend reading this book every Christmas to really appreciate the hardships that Mary and Joseph and even Jesus had to endured. This story is considered fiction but it made me rethink the stories that we also heard about the manger and etc.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a Christmas story but it is more than that, is a story of amazing love between Joseph and Mary and even God's love for people.

I am going to include a passage that really stood out to me the most in the book, I read it and thought, Wow, that is so true, because it is happening in my life.  Here is the quote. " When God sets you free from the law to grace, you become what God wants you to be. You may do things that cause you to scratch your head in wonder because the old you would never do that." ..... "When you are obedient to God, there is a new boldness in your life. And while you might be surprised at the change in you, God never is. When He chooses you, it's because you have a heart he can use. He knows it even you don't. Let Him use your heart. When you are free inChrist, you can follow your passion, and it takes you "home".

I think this is a good book to have in my personal library and I plan on reading it every  Christmas.

There a few words, they are used in the right content, I don't like to read but this is a story about an girl who gets pregnant without being married.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own.

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