Saturday, April 6, 2013

That Summer by Jo Huddleston

Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author of books, articles, and short stories. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of the Literary Hall of Fame at Lincoln Memorial University (TN). She holds a M.Ed. degree from Mississippi State University.
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"That Summer" by Jo Huddleston gets 5 stars from me.  This is book 1 in The Caney Creek Series.
This book had me hooked from page one! I had to keep reading to see what happened next!
  This book is written about the early days of the Great Depression  to the 1950's and about the Appalachians Mountains.
  Jim Callaway meets Louisa at the county Fair and wins her a teddy bear and their fate is sealed or so they think. Jim's poppa is mean and critical of Jim, so Jim leaves the mountains and goes to work at the Southeastern Hosiery Mill. While working there he meets the boss's daughter Caroline and the attraction on both sides are hard to ignore. Jim dates both Louisa and Caroline. But Jim gives into temptation with Carolina and an unwanted pregnancy happens and Caroline is forced by her parents to leave town and they vow never to have anything to do with her if she keeps the baby. Jim marries Louisa and have a child. Both children grow up and as fate ( or as I believe God) would have they meet in college and fall in love! I won't give any more of the book away but leave you with this you have to read this book to see how Jim and Caroline handle this problem. This book is also God's forgiveness and how He will forgive someone if they just ask.  I recommend this book wholeheartly. I am so eagerly awaiting book 2 in this series.
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