Monday, April 29, 2013

"Redeeming Grace" by Ward Tanneberg

Ward Tanneberg is a writer, novelist and pastor ret., having authored several books and given more than 50 years to evangelism, youth, college and pastoral ministry, including two Pacific Northwest churches and 23 years as the senior pastor at Valley Christian Center in Dublin, CA. In 2008, he became President/Executive Director of The CASA Network. He is a graduate of Northwest University and the California Graduate School of Theology; also studied at Central Bible College, Western Evangelical Seminary (George Fox) and Seattle Pacific University. He is a graduate of the FBI Citizen's Academy. Ward speaks extensively at retreats, conferences and ministry leadership events in and outside the USA. He and his wife, Dixie, live in the Pacific Northwest.
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"Redeeming Grace" by Ward Tanneberg  is definetly a 5 star book in my opinion. All I can say is Wow. I don't usually like thrillers but this book changed my mind! This book has murder, evil, and good and in the end you realize that God is on His throne. This book makes you believe that good does win in the end and greed does not ! I loved the different characters and the descriptions in the different settings in this story. I could actually see the story being played out in my mind as I was reading it. This would make a great movie, it would have violence so not sure it will be suitable for young children but I am sure adults would love it as a movie
   This book starts out with the mystery and then goes to the present and then back and forth between the two, but I feel that is what made it such a great read! It really kept me wanting to finish the book to see what was going to happen. Now that I have finished the book I want a sequel to see what happens to the other characters in the story!
   Grace and her two friends are enjoying a dinner at a hotel when a gentleman asks them to be dinner companions for some real powerful and rich guys at a party on a yacht. He pays them a thousands dollars and buys them new outfits for the occasion. What could go wrong? But things did go wrong, her two friends are murdered and Grace is forced to run and has to have a new identify for seven long years. One little mistake and her secret was discovered! It was a good thing that her secret was found out! Why was it a good thing, read the book and see if you again with me!
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