Saturday, April 27, 2013

"A Hometown Fourth of July" by June Foster

"A Hometown Fourth of July" by June Foster is another 5 star story. This book deals with forgiveness and love and adoption and service to the less fortunate.
 Max is a son of wealthy parents but he feels like a part of him is missing because he is adopted. His parents will not answered his question about his birth mother. After meeting,Lynn at the Fourth Of July Celebration in Ft. Freedom. Washington Max asked her to do a search for his birth mother, He founds her but it is 2 weeks after she dies from Cancer. Lynn and Max fall in love but can they put their trust issues aside. This is a delightful story about how they do that and how they adopted a special little boy named Pedro. I think if you want a feel good book about life than this is a good book to spend an afternoon reading, you won't be disappointed.
 This is the 4th book of June Foster's that I have read and I have loved all the characters and the different story lines. These are stories that leave you believing that God knows know and care about you.


  1. Debbie, Once again, thank you for your review. I so appreciate it.

    (Smile) you have now read all my books that are published. I have another book coming out next January, but that's a long time off. Please pray that my unpublished book - For All Eternity - will see publication. You are a great support. Blessings, June

  2. oh I will be praying as I want to read it