Saturday, April 13, 2013

AS WE FORGIVE by June Foster

"As We Forgive" by June Foster is another  5 star book. This is the second book in the Bellewood Series but it can be a standalone also, but I would recommend reading the whole series in order.
       As We Forgive is about  Tim Garrett's issue of not being able to control his anger. His dream is to be  a pastoral counselor and Johnny is making it hard for him to succeed as he is doing everything to make him angry. It is also Roxanne struggle with overspending.  Like the other books in this series this story has lessons we can all apply to our own lives. Tim and Roxanne are in love but are afraid of letting their love grow because of their issues of anger and the overspending. They both have to learn to forgive their fathers. Tim is about to lose his position as youth pastor and not getting a give report to take to another church. I won't tell you the end result but you will be surprised to learn that not only Tim and Roxanne have secrets they want hidden but the Senior pastor and Johnny and Johnny's father have secrets too. I really believe this series is ONE OF THE BEST SERIES I HAVE READ, if you apply the lessons the characters in this series learned you will become closer to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

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