Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Florian's Gate by Davis Bunn

Davis Bunn is the author of over nineteen national bestsellers, and his books have sold over six million copies in sixteen languages. The recipient of three Christy Awards, Bunn currently serves as writer-in-residence at Oxford University.

" Florian's Gate gets 4 stars from me. This book was hard from me to decided what rating to give it as at first I thought it was to much details but as I got more into the book I understood why all the details and some of it was really interesting. This book deals with Poland and antiques.
 Jeffrey Sinclair is hired by Alexander Kantor, a relative, to assist him in his antiques shop. But why is Alexander' trips and where the antiques come from such a mystery. One day while Alexander is gone away on another trip Jeffrey has to have help and decides to ask Katya Nichols to help him out. That decision leads him to hire Katya full time. There is also attraction there. One day Alexander asks Jeffery  to make a trip and take Katya with him as she could translated the language. They were two stay there two days and then Jeffrey was to meet Alexander and go with him on another trip. This trip he met Gregor, another relative who was part of Alexander secret. It was on this trip that changed Alexander's life (he let go of bitter memories and gave them to God at least that is how I took the ending, if you read this book and believe something else happened I hope you will add a comment to this and let me know) and it changed Jeffrey,I know he turned backed to God. This book brings up some lessons we can all learn about suffering and why God allows it. In this book you will learn things about the war and Communists you might not have known. This book is fiction but the antiques described are real and do exist  and the terrible abuse suffered by the people was based on actual fact. And once again in the end the boy gets the girl. I would recommend this book.
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  1. Enjoyed your review Debbie! Thanks for your honesty.

    Judy B

  2. Thank you Judy for reading and responding to my reviews!