Sunday, June 2, 2013

"The Key To The Kingdom" and "Unlocking The Kingdom" by Jeff Dixon

Jeff Dixon is the author of the Key to the Kingdom series, which is a series of novels that unfold in Central Florida and the Walt Disney World Resort. As an Orlando native, Jeff remembers the state before the arrival of the Magic Kingdom, and has been able to watch the amazing changes that have taken place since.
His first job was as Disney cast member and he has fond memories of visiting the park as a child, working at the park later, and then regularly playing in the park with his own kids. Now as an annual passholder, Jeff frequently visits the theme parks and is always on the lookout for new, exciting, and hidden details that others often miss. These details and hidden secrets form some of the background he uses in his novels.
Jeff serves as the Transformational Architect at CCC Ministries in Central Florida. As a natural storyteller, he doesn't just stop at telling a story, he believes the story really comes alive when it impacts your life. A good story has the power to change and transform you...Jeff makes his living doing just that.

"The Key To The Kingdom" and"Unlocking The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon are both  5 stars book.  These books had me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next to Grayson Hawkes. These books is a mysteries revolting around Walt Disney World. Even through the books are fiction they make me want to visit Walt Disney World, I have never been there.
     In  Book 1 "The Key To The Kingdom"  Hawkes ( a preacher) is given a key by his friend Farren Rales, who then disappears. When Rales hands Hawk the key, he tells him "Not just any key,my friend. It is a very special key. There is not another one in the entire world that does what this one will do. You are holding in your hand the key to the kingdom." So Hawk is trying to find out what Rales means throughout the story. He has two special friends help him, one is a Walt Disney World employee and the other you will have to read the book to find out! ( I will give you a clue he is famous). It is strange reading about all the things this preacher turned mystery hunter does that could land him in jail. But oh so enjoyable also! The story has rich details that describes the different scenes and places Hawk searches! During the searching Hawk witnesses to one helper about his faith in Jesus,(just mentions not actually witnessing but isn't that the best kind). But in closing this review I have to tell you things aren't always what they seem.  Hawk solves the puzzle and is rewarded with a surprise.
    In Book 2 "Unlocking The Kingdom" dead bodies and dead pirates keep showing up on rides. But are they real?  The villains and the heroes are hard to figure out and that is what makes these two books so great! At the beginning of "Unlocking the Kingdom" Hawk meets George who tells him "unlock what never was, to protect what is yet to be," At the end of this book there are questions about Disney's trivia you can see if you know the answers. These books would make a great movie!  This second book leaves you wondering if maybe a third book is coming! I think a third book would be great!
   I received this book from to read and post my honest opinion.  


  1. Really enjoyed the review of these two books Debbie! You have me intrigued! I will need to put both on my book list.

    Judy B