Thursday, June 27, 2013

" Hidden In Plain View" by Diane Burke

" Hidden In Plain View" by Diane Burke is a 5 star book. I read this book because it was the book that my online book club was reading for the next discussion. And I really enjoyed it. It has a twist that aren't in many Amish books. I sure didn't see it ending the way it did.
This story caught my interest as soon as I started reading it. At first I thought it was based on the 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Amish school because the first scene in the book is a shooting in the school. It turns out the story isn't related to that real story at all.  

Sarah Lapp's husband is shot and killed and he is injured and   Sarah sinks into blessed oblivion and when she wakes up she has lost her memory. She cannot remember her husband or her life or the fact that she is pregnant. The undercover detective Samuel King is an exAmish person. The murders and other crimes keep happening. There is a growing attraction between Sarah and Samuel, but Sarah is an Amish widow and pregnant and Samuel is English. How can this love between the two be good and how can Samuel protect Sarah without getting her shun? Will Sarah ever regained her memory? That question would make a good sequel to this book!  I really didn't see this story ending the way it did but I think (and I believe most of the group members in my online club) it was a GREAT SOLUTION.

    Even though this book is Amish, I think anyone that loves to read mysteries or good clean love stories would like this story as it is part of the Love Inspired Suspense stories. 


  1. This books sounds so good. Will have to read it. Is this a series or a stand alone book. If series what are the books that go with it?

  2. It is a stand alone! But I'm hoping for a sequel

  3. nice review. Debbbie....looking forward to reading this one.

  4. This is a new author to me. This book sounds good. Is it kindle only?

    Great review!

    Judy B

  5. Thanks Judy, I think it is also in paperback for &5.39