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"Axis Quest, The Beginning" Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy

"Axis Quest, The Beginning"  Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy 

Book Description:

Unexpected acts of fate throw Lily Carpenter into a search to find angels. What starts out as an ordinary day quickly turns into a supernatural search that will not only enlighten her but expand her life in directions that she's never imagined. Lily's life is about to implode and in the process she will discover hidden secrets in the Bible that she's never noticed before. Her Granny Rose's heartfelt experience will instruct her granddaughter on the mysteries she, herself has discovered. Lily has always thought of herself as a Christian, but it's taken a backseat in her life of family and kids - not anymore. Everything will change as Lily discovers a new life in the supernatural world of God and His angels.
Lily has been drifting through life without much purpose or depth. She will discover that we all have a purpose on this planet that we inhabit - many purposes in fact. A supernatural world has been surrounding her the whole time, but has gone unnoticed as the reality of this world distracts her from the reality of the supernatural world. Two worlds intersect at some axis - journey with Lily and Granny Rose to find that axis and see the supernatural.
The first in a series of realistic, contemporary fiction books, Madeline Duffy and Shane Flynn explode into the world of writing - achieving 5 star reviews right from the start. The second book in the series, Axis Quest, Take Flight has now been published and is available at most major book retailers. Don't miss the first book that prepares for the second book which takes Lily Carpenter even further into the supernatural world. This supernatural world is available to all and just waiting to be discovered.

Meet the Authors:

Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy are co-authors that decided to tell a story about Lily Carpenter. Like many of us, she's struggling and learning about things in this world and the supernatural world at the same time. The authors, having both experienced supernatural occurrences of their own (that are unexplainable in the world view) can both say that there IS a supernatural world surrounding us.
Just how do you explain the supernatural without sounding like a kook? How do you tell people that a supernatural world really exists? There is great risk in giving testimony to supernatural events. People may label you as crazy or even as a liar. The world does not seem willing to embrace the powerful supernatural world of the Almighty God. But that does not mean it doesn't exist. Whether you believe it or not, it does exist. Your belief or disbelief does not change the reality of its existence, it only affects your ability to tap into it and/or see it. I strongly urge you to tap into it.
Retired from business, they have hobbies ranging from model ship building, painting, traveling and now writing. Both are well educated with multiple college degrees between the two of them. One is Southern born and bred, the other a Yankee. Their varied life experiences combine in a sense of adventure and exploration. Shane's business experience is mainly entrepreneurship; Madeline's is engineering and entrepreneurship. Together they make a remarkable team, complementing each other in most areas of life. They met under compelling circumstances and seemed destined to enjoy a relationship together. God works in the most mysterious ways.
Since this is a co-authored book, you may find an inter-twining account of events. As in any book, you may find us drifting into philosophical and thought provoking ideas. We have found that we agree on many things and we feel this is reflected in our work. Although this is fiction, you may find that supernatural events are common in our world. Maybe you have had one of your own.
Watch for the next book in this series "Take Flight"...coming soon. ( Already out)

My Review:

"Axis Quest, The Beginning" Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy is receiving five stars from me! I was seeing parts of myself as I was reading this book! I love the fact that it is her grandmother helping her discover Who God really is!

Lily is named after the Biblical scripture Matthew 6:28. Lily's life is falling apart and so her grandmother helps her learn how to really " Believe." At first when Granny Rose begins to describes these angels Lily is sceptical but with the Bible scriptures her grandma gives her to read she is beginning to understand!

This book makes the reader want to draw closer to God. I love the images that the authors paint with their words. This book isn't sci-fi but describes the life of an ordinary married woman with three children who are just normal teenagers.

Here is a quote from the book " I thought I knew what I believed, but now I've come to find out that I really don't believe much of anything. Is God more than a Santa Claus kind of figure? Invisible but gives you things? Santa Claus doesn't expect much of me other than being good and nice. What does God expect out of me? After all, I'm a pretty decent person-I don't steal or murder. I have a nice house in a good neighborhood. My children are not drug pushers. My husband works hard for a living  and we pay our taxes. Everything seems in order. My life is basically good. We live the American dream. " This is just one of Lily's thoughts as she is trying to make sense of her life. As you can see she is questing faith, she has always considered herself a Christian but her Christian life has been put on a shelf to make room for the other things of life"

Even if I hadn't liked this first book of the Axis Quest series " I would have to read the second because the ending has me wanting to know how the last event is worked out! I have it downloaded on iPad, and as soon as I finished this review am going to start reading " Axis Quest,Take Flight".

I was given an ebook copy for an honest review by the author!

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