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"Axis Quest,Take Flight" Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy

Book Description

 July 1, 2014
Lily Carpenter Roarke has been hurled, unknowingly, into the supernatural world of God. She’s having dreams and visions that are hard to decipher. God and His angels are speaking to her and helping her make new decisions. People have appeared in her life and are changing her entire family. Her journey toward the axis continues. The axis occurs where and when two planes intersect and two distinct worlds, one our own reality and the other supernatural, come together and interact. The forces that bring these two worlds together are a matter of mystery.
Lily is searching for that intersection and is helped by her aging grandmother, Granny Rose. Granny Rose has discovered some of the connections and is mentoring Lily on how to find them and see angels. Her family is falling apart and a new handsome stranger triggers new feelings she hasn’t felt in years. A bully from the past threatens her, yet causes her to remember her former strength.
God is working in Lily’s life in subtle and obscure ways to help her on the journey. She’s finding out more and more about this world as she works through her real life with family issues. Journey along with Lily in the second ebook in the series - Axis Quest, The Beginning is the first ebook in the series. If you haven’t read it first, start there - Take Flight continues the adventure.
The second in a series of realistic, contemporary fiction ebooks, Madeline Duffy and Shane Flynn explode into the world of writing - achieving 5 star reviews right from the start. Don’t miss this series of ebooks that take Lily Carpenter further and further into the supernatural world. Perhaps this supernatural world is available to all and just waiting to be discovered.                                     

Meet the Authors:

Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy are co-authors that decided to tell a story about Lily Carpenter. Like many of us, she's struggling and learning about things in this world and the supernatural world at the same time. The authors, having both experienced supernatural occurrences of their own (that are unexplainable in the world view) can both say that there IS a supernatural world surrounding us.
Just how do you explain the supernatural without sounding like a kook? How do you tell people that a supernatural world really exists? There is great risk in giving testimony to supernatural events. People may label you as crazy or even as a liar. The world does not seem willing to embrace the powerful supernatural world of the Almighty God. But that does not mean it doesn't exist. Whether you believe it or not, it does exist. Your belief or disbelief does not change the reality of its existence, it only affects your ability to tap into it and/or see it. I strongly urge you to tap into it.
Retired from business, they have hobbies ranging from model ship building, painting, traveling and now writing. Both are well educated with multiple college degrees between the two of them. One is Southern born and bred, the other a Yankee. Their varied life experiences combine in a sense of adventure and exploration. Shane's business experience is mainly entrepreneurship; Madeline's is engineering and entrepreneurship. Together they make a remarkable team, complementing each other in most areas of life. They met under compelling circumstances and seemed destined to enjoy a relationship together. God works in the most mysterious ways.
Since this is a co-authored book, you may find an inter-twining account of events. As in any book, you may find us drifting into philosophical and thought provoking ideas. We have found that we agree on many things and we feel this is reflected in our work. Although this is fiction, you may find that supernatural events are common in our world. Maybe you have had one of your own. Their website is

Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy set out to document a real near death experience by a dear friend of ours, Andy Fannon. We did this in The White Suit.We had so much fun doing this, that we continued on and wrote some fiction books on the supernatural world in the Axis Quest series. Although it's fiction, it's based on many real experiences that we've had ourselves and also ones we've heard testimony to. It's Biblically based. Come join us in the quest to experience angels, visions and dreams, it may change the way you look at things forever.
We were very pleased to have hit the market with all 5 star reviews on all three books.
The third book in the series Axis Quest called Insights will be coming out soon! Watch for it!
We are traveling the US in an RV for a few of the hot summer months. We have seen many wonderful sights in this vast and beautiful country of ours.

.A Personal Message from the Authors: 
As born again Christians, Shane and Madeline both want others to know that

God is real. Why risk any other choice? There is no risk to becoming a 

Christian, but there can be much reward, especially everlasting life after 

death. If they are wrong, no problem, no penalty. If non-believers are 

wrong, big “Oops” when they die. Don’t take that risk. Everlasting life is a 

long, long time. Accept Jesus Christ in your heart today. Don’t delay or you

may find yourself in a life and death struggle in only a moment. There is 

absolutely no risk to accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, only 

reward. Accept Him into your heart and feel the explosion. Don’t take our 

word for it, try it for yourself. I guarantee it will change your life forever. It 

will also change your afterlife forever. Take the plunge. Don’t risk saying “I 

wish I would have, could have, and should have.”

My Review: 
"Axis Quest,Take Flight" Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy is a five star book, the only thing I didn't really like was I started reading it to find out the answer to the cliff ending to "Axis Quest, The Beginning" Shane Flynn and Madeline Duffy, and still don't know the answer and have many more questions which makes me want to read the third book in this series. In a private conversion with Madeline Duffy she told me " I think as we go through life, there are always new questions....we may not find all the answers, till we get to our new home with Jesus." And you know she is right as we have new questions daily and sometimes hourly.

As Lily's earthly life is unraveling, she is learning about spiritual things and having new hopes and plans. This story explains about God and Heavenly things without a lot of preaching, which nonbelievers will enjoy!

Granny Rose tells Lily after one of her dreams "Maybe He's telling you that you have to get out of the boat before the raging river, I'm not sure. But that's how I see it. That you can't go through life just floating along, you have to get out of the boat and participate in the goodness of God."

This book is just your normal story about a wife and her family and her special relationship with her grandma mixed with spiritual truths which reminds us that even though the story is fiction it could be about each of us.

I am so anxiously awaiting book 3 and so hoping all the questions will be answered because, (this book is fiction and not real life) so the answers can be revealed! That is what is so good about fiction!

I was given a free ebook copy by the authors for an honest review!


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