Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Halo Found Hope " by Helo Matzelle Blog Tour and a Giveaway

Author : Helo Matzelle
Genre : Memoir
Book Description:
"Machines beeping, the blur of medical staff running, a crash cart 
whizzing into an ICU room, was there any hope? 

A young woman lay, packed in ice, as doctors attempted to somehow 

stop the swelling in her brain that threatened to take her life… and her
 family waited. 

Six days turned into eight weeks. She awoke to discover that she was not the same. She saw two of everything, couldn’t feel half of her face, couldn’t hear from one ear, and could not speak. She couldn’t even tell anyone that she felt hopeless… or could she? 

Halo Found Hope is the story of a beautiful, busy wife, and mother of three whose life 
changes instantly with the diagnosis of a rare brain tumor. An exceptional ENT, a brilliant neurosurgeon and a dedicated medical team tackle the tumor, setting off a series of 
unbelievable miracles.  
Helo’s story is not one of survival, or of salvaging a life through a broken body. It is not about endurance through pain, but victory because of it. While the family heard her silence, God heard her prayer. Helo’s story is simply this: Wherever you are and whatever you are going through, God is right there. He doesn’t need to be recognized by you, to be there for you. He can replace fear with courage and discouragement with determination, if you let Him. Halo did, and that is how she found hope.” 

"Christian readers will find in these pages a powerful testament to the power of faith 
in dark times, and even agnostics will be uplifted by the joie de vivre of this 

remarkable woman.” — Kirkus Reviews

MY REVIEW: I am going to start this review with a quote from the book 
"Life-changing is too simple to describe this story and what God is capable of 
doing for all of us. No obstacle is too large, no affliction too grave, to separate us from the love God has for us. Life here is simply a dress rehearsal, but when we allow alterations to be directed by God, the new us discovered, is incredible."

This story is amazing! Helo tells her story honestly and lets us see the real person before and after this life changing event in her life.

She describes her illness and her medical treatment in easy to understand language. She gave just enough info to make this reader want to read her story
and rejoice with her.

This book is so interesting and insightful that I was quoting quotes from it's pages and posting them on my Facebook wall. This isn't a quote from the book but it is a post that I posted while reading the book and I believe it so much that I added it to this review, Man, I am telling EVERYONE, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK, "Halo Found Hope" by Helo Matzelle. In fact I dare you too and then I dare you to remain the same, even while reading it I find myself changing! I am going to add one more of my Facebook quotes "I am reading "Halo Found Hope" and oh my, I find something I want to quote on almost every page. You should see the things I am underlining, yes I underline in my books, especially the ones that I think I will keep to reread!" 

I encourage everyone to read this book, Christian or not. It will inspire you to 
look at your trials and tribulations in a different way. 

I really like the way that she shared that she had doubts and was human and 
learn to trust and lean on Jesus. I know I haven't even began to give "Halo Found Hope" justice but I hope you will read this book and find hope in your struggles. We all have them, some are big and some are little but we all need hope and Helo shows how she found her's. 

I am going to give my mother this book to read, she has cancer, and I believe if 
she takes to heart some of the things Helo says in this book she will be 

This book is definitely a five star book and more if they could be added!

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit and the author for an honest 

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