Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spotlighting Kari Trumbo with A Giveaway

Good Morning, Debbie!
Let me tell you a little bit about the project that has stolen my heart. My friend, Lynn Winchester, came to me about eight months ago with an idea for a gold-rush series. We’d both written westerns before and had read how “men won the west, but the women tamed it.” It seemed like a pretty common sentiment, but I had yet to see a series about it. This is that series.
Brides of Blessings is all about strong women who helped tame the west. They didn’t go to Blessings searching for love, and in many cases, fight against it tooth and nail. In losing those battles, both the men and the women win. While this isn’t an expressly Christian series, my books are in the Christian category and all the books are sweet.
Now, for my book. Blessed Beyond Measure
Lenora Farnsworth has learned; good girls don't fall for rakes.

She finds she's far too willing to seek out the worldly Englishman hired to protect her from the dangers of traveling from her home in Boston, to the wilds of California. Though she's drawn to him, she must forgive the rumors about his past, or risk her future. Victor is not a Godly man; can he still be the Lord's choice for her?

Victor Abernathy needs to make some money and get back to England, fast.
He's never met a woman he couldn't match, until Lenora. She's supposed to be no more than a job, but her every nuance imprints his heart. He wagers for her hand—it's his gambler's nature—but when England calls, will he fold, or take his winnings and run? 

The women of Blessings, California must work hard to survive. 

For a chance to win an ebook copy of Blessed Beyond Measure, what has been the most rewarding job you’ve ever done?
Kari Trumbo is a coauthor of the best-selling Cutter’s Creek continuity series as well as her personal series, The Seven Brides of South Dakota. She began her writing journey five years ago and has indie published over twenty titles. Prior to writing, she was a freelance developmental editor and beta reader.
Kari has a degree in psychology and home schools her four children. She loves to learn new things and believes life should always be a learning environment. To continue her writing education, she is a member of Romance Writers of America, The American Christian Fiction Writers Association, and her local chapter, MN N.I.C.E.
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For a chance to win an ebook copy of Blessed Beyond Measure,  
Answer the question found in the interview above!

Romans 8:38-39


Connie Scruggs said...

I’m currently a teacher’s aide in a preschool class. I love this job, even though the kids can drive me nuts some days!! This is the best, most fulfilling job I’ve ever had, other than serving in the children’s and youth ministries at my church.

Becky said...

My most rewarding job was being a homeschooling mom, and getting to watch my children grow in knowledge mentally & spiritually. Nothing will ever compare with that! I am blessed beyond measure!

Brenda W said...

Don't think I have ever had a rewarding job. Except for the paycheck on one better paying job.