Friday, November 9, 2018

"So Much The Better" by Megan Means

ASIN: B00DIQUBBQ |List Price: $2.99 Kindle | Format: Kindle  | Page Count: 89
"So Much The Better" is a chapter book for upper elementary but has also touched the hearts of all ages.
The story is about a small lion named Ari. As a small cub, Ari's life is secure and safe. He plays and rests in the warm sunshine with his pride. One day this peaceful existence changes abruptly. Ari is taken far away from the other lions finding he is alone in unfamiliar surroundings. Ari is lost and without hope until he encounters help from Eliezer, a golden eagle who befriends him. Together they begin the long journey back to his homeland with many challenges to overcome. Upon his return Ari thought his quest had come to an end, but he realizes now, it has only just begun.
My Review:
"So Much The Better" by Megan Means is a cute little story about a lion who gets lost from his mother in a storm and gets befriended by other animals. Some of these animals are friendly right from the beginning but others, like the fox and leopards have to be coaxed into being friendly.

Ari has to learn to be brave and kind and has to learn not to speak everything he thinks without thinking about it first.

This is a story about loyalty and courage and friendship.

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The feedback the author received on her book, inspired her to get this message out to the world. So, she took the challenge and created a website and social media links to help get the book's message out to the world on-line. She also created a Curriculum Companion to the book which is offered for free on her website. It includes 21 lessons on character building that are taken directly from the book to help children become their best selves and inspire them to be great leaders.

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