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"God Notes: Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement" by Jackie Trottmann

Jackie Trottmann/ God Notes: Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement

ISBN: 978-1945949296 | List Price: $17.95 | Format: Softcover | Page Count: 410

ASIN: B06ZZS75BL  | List Price: $9.95 | Format: Kindle |  

About God Notes:

During a month-long prayer retreat, the author asked God to give her a word. The words tumbled out in the form of love notes from God resulting in 365 insightful passages, each inspired by one word – and each passage meant for you. This is the kind of book that deserves a permanent space on everyone’s nightstand.  

Author Bio:

Jackie Trottmann left her corporate career to pursue God’s call to share her personal experience of God’s healing power and loving presence. She helps others heal by learning to be still, letting go, and trusting God through her books, blog, meditation CDs, speaking, workshops, and other writing.

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My Review
"God Notes: Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement" by Jackie Trottmann is written out in the form of love notes from God resulting in 365 insightful messages.  There are no Bible verses and no prayers that are written out for you to pray. These messages really spoke to me, because they are about God reassuring that He loves us as we are and that we are never really alone. 

I did have one small concern while reading this book, the author keeps saying that God doesn't judge us and I think He does if we don't turn from our sins and repent. I don't know but maybe she is talking about after we have been forgiven and she is talking about past sins.

This book is a great tool to use when you are feeling like you are worthless and alone and just need to be reminded that you are loved by God!

I don't know enough about meditation to say anything on this subject but I will say if we are meditating on God's word and His love for us, how can we go wrong.

I have a copy on my iPad and have bookmarked many pages to reread and reread again when I doubt my worth and start to think I am unloved. 

These messages would be a great way to start the day and end the night.

I was given a complimentary copy by CWA. These opinions are my own. 

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