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"Hold Me Close" by Marguerite Martin Gray


The leisurely life Louis has intended does not include revolution.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1772—Louis Lestarjette arrives from France without purpose or plans beyond reconnecting with family and making a profit. Finding the town questioning its alliances, Louis must make decisions about the direction in his life, even as he tries to avoid all political conflict. He wonders if he will be able to stay neutral in a battle for independence. When decisive events confront him, Louis finds himself torn between staying with the woman he loves or escaping the coming conflicts.

Elizabeth Elliott trusts that God will hold her close in uncertain and changing times. Faced with difficult decisions about her loyalties, she finds comfort in close friends, a devout sister, and her music. When the mysterious Frenchman with no commitment to God or Charles Town enters her life, he challenges her role in the political battle. She must decide what actions she can take for the cause, if any at all.

My Review:
"Hold Me Close" by Marguerite Martin Gray is a book that is based mostly on history, pre-American Revolution and The Sons Of Liberty. Since the story is also fictional the author has taken liberties and added facts that aren't part of this time era. But, unless you are a history buff you don't notice these, another reader pointed them out to me but that fact didn't make any difference in my enjoyment of the story.

"Hold Me Close" is the first book in the (Revolutionary Faith series) and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I really liked that Louis Lestarjette changed into a character that wasn't greedy, which is how he appeared at the beginning of the story.

The story was interwoven with Biblical truth all through the novel and reminds the reader that God does "Hold Us Close" at all times.

The ending is a little disappointing because it leaves you hanging as to the outcome of Louis and Elizabeth but that could be because this is book one, I am anxiously awaiting book two, I want to know how the love story ends!

I wrote this review a while ago when I first read the book and all I can add is that the book has been edited and has a new cover, which is a better and prettier cover to me.

I was given a complimentary copy Of "Hold Me Close" by Celebrate Lit and the author and the opinions I have expressed are my own.


Marguerite Martin Gray is the author of Hold Me Close, Surround Me, and Bring Me Near-- Revolutionary Faith Books One, Two and Three. She enjoys studying history and writing fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches high school Spanish and has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and a MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. Marguerite is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Abilene Writers Guild, Daughters of the American Revolution, South Carolina Historical Society, and Preservation Society of Charleston. She currently lives in North Louisiana with her husband.


“Why are you here?” I can’t tell her I only want to make a huge profit and leave this place soon. Charles Town 1772, Hold Me Close by Marguerite Gray

Louis was more loyal to his friends than to a king, any king—Louis XV, George III, or King Jesus. Hold Me Close by Marguerite Gray

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