Monday, January 7, 2013

Forsaken by Shelley Ring

"Forsaken" by Shelley is a 5 star book. When Naomi's son and Lara's husband David dies they feel forsaken. Naomi who is a Christian gives up on God and wants to get Lara married to her nephew Ben  because she is planning on committing suicide. So Naomi does things and acts really mean toward Lara so Lara will run to Ben for comfort. Ben is owner of a bed and breakfast in Colorado. Lara is the daughter of  a wealthy parents but her mother threw her out when she married David and then again when Lara's father died. David was a Christian and Lara's start reading his Bible and determines to be like Ruth from the Bible. This book makes you  really think about lost and heartache and grief. There are a few humorous lines. This story is so well written you want to see where it is leading. The characters are true to life. I believe this  story would make an excellent  movie. The author gave me a pdf for an honest review.

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