Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Why Do Bad Things Happen" J.T. Beeson

"Why Do Bad Things Happen' by J.T. Beeson is definitely  a 5 star book. This review is probably the longest one I have ever written but this book is just fantastic. I don't usually use a lot of direct quotes but in this review I have. In this book Jeff Beeson says there is a proper response to the bad things, which are adverse things that are not by themselves evil, but that create difficult situations, such as illness,death, accident, loss of job or possessions,etc. He says some of these things could be sent by God.  He says that "God is not cruel at all in these things, but loving beyond belief and that there is a greater purpose that God desires for us than what we can ever completely understand and many times can't recognize until forced to do so by some bad thing that happens in our lives".It was from from these things in his own life that the author came up with IFHOGG. IFHOGG is an acronym for Increased Faith, Humility, Obedience, and God's Glory-received and returned. "These traits and the recognition of these aspects of life are critical to being able to move through the bad times, to seize the day and to not let the night of bad things overtake you. Darkness can paralyze us and keep us from being able to move, but there is a way out of the darkness. There is a way to allow the light of Christ to shine through and to chase away the blackness."IFHOGG will drown out the voice of Satan so that we can hear God speaking more clearly.
Increased Faith= Bad things helps us gain more faith.
Humility= When we are humble the question "Why do bad things happen to me or good people becomes "why do bad things happen" and helps us learn what God is trying to teach us. Humility keeps us able to accept help from God.

Obedience=allows the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit to live in us and through us and pushes us more quickly through the trial. The bad things are not all going to go away because we are faithful and Humble and obedience but because of these traits the journey is different and so are we for the better. "Obedience leads us to be blessed by God, even during the bad times, and brings effects that are far reaching, extending far beyond our normal circle of influence.The effects of our obedience can impact those closest to us, and it can equally impact the lives of people who we may never know."

Receiving God's Glory= Jesus performed many miracles including sickness and disease and people's basic needs: food and drink, He spoke of money issues, clothing, and family relationships. The glory of God is able to reach in and affect each and every part of our daily lives.Each need that we have receives God's full attention and glory when we live faithful, humble,and obedient lives. "In the midst of the bad things, God draws us closer and wraps his arms of protection around us. We are better prepared to recognize the glory of God in the bad things. God's glory is present at some level in the life of every person, whether Christian or non-Christian.
Returning God's Glory= "The gift of the glory of God is the one gift where it is expected and desired by the giver to re-gift it. God's hope in allowing us to share in His glory is that we will in turn share that same glory with others"

"We are just biding our time when bad things happen, waiting on Jesus to come and deliver us . The bad things are just temporary. Whether that deliverance shows itself when we journey to heaven or we say in this body here, we will be delivered. And regardless of where or how we are delivered on this earth, we will emerge stronger and better with Christ.We do not just make it through the bad things ;we are renewed"

J.T. Beeson gives examples of Biblical characters of how bad things brought these people to a greater joy and sometimes even more bad things but through them they won the victory. The author also gives scriptures to back up his claims. The author gave me this book for an honest review and I honestly agreed with everything he has written. I will be recommending this book to anyone who will listen.

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