Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Radical Well-Being A biblical guide to overcoming pain, Illness & addictions by Rita Hancock MD

"Radical Well-Being A biblical guide to overcoming pain, Illness & addictions" by Rita Hancock MD gets 5 stars from me. Are you ready to put on behavior that leads to better health? Are you ready to set your mind on Scripture and positivity? These two sentences are direct quotes from the book. And if your answer is yes to these two questions then read this book. I usually pass on the books I read to others but I am keeping this one. I have done alot of underlinning so that I can use the things Dr. Hancock has said to help me overcome my emotional eating. I really believe if you follow her guidelines it will help you overcome the stress and the pain and illness that comes from hidden sins,generational curses and emotional baggage. The stress talked about in the book are physical,emotional, spiritual ways of your family heritage, fear, depression, believing lies about yourself and perfectionism and unforgiveness. In her practice Dr Hancock uses OMM, which she explains fully in the book but she also uses prayer and helps you discover which of the stresses are causing you pain after she rules out that there is not a physical problem, after doing all the normal xrays and tests. In this book she tells of patients and their problems and what God and she and the patients have done to help and gives useful tools to realize this healing ourselves. She also advices us to seek Professional help in areas that are just too painful to deal with on our own. She also includes  specifics prayers to pray and Scriptures for self talk and emotional healing and even gives websites where you can get more help from the professionals. I believe everyone that reads this books will gain at least one or two and probably many more tools to help them live a more healthy and less painful life. I am going to end this review with a direct quote from the book again " Neither God nor I promised you'd be perfected at any stage of the game in your physical body. But if you follow the principles in this book, you ought to feel less stress. more peace, and less physical pain along the way as you see greater and greater levels of Spirit-led healing." This book was given to by the author for an honest review. 

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