Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What do I see 2013 bringing!

Well here I set and think about what 2013 will bring! I think there will heartache and joy! Carl's goes back to work tonight and I will be alone again but If I really think about I am never alone because Jesus has promised to never leave me. And I have all my facebook friends and of course my books! I am hoping that this year I am ready and able to completely put all my trust in My Lord and do only His will because like the song says "It is only in His Will that we are happy". So with that said, I pray that everyone of you find yourself surrounded in His love and protection. This year I am hoping to read more books and listen to myself and check my comments  before hitting the post as I don't type really well. I am also hoping to turn all negative thoughts back to Satan, for he is a liar and God says I am His and I'm loved. I am trying to write a short story and I am hoping that if is God's will I will complete it and it will bring honor to Him. I am also hoping to spend more time in prayer and communication with Jesus and also I am going to try to spend more time reading The Bible. I know this blog today has alot of I in it but it isn't suppose to be about me today I want to bring Jesus glory by what I do and don't do in 2013. 

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