Monday, March 11, 2013

Her Restless Heart by Barbara Cameron

"Her Restless Heart" by Barbara Cameron gets 5 stars from me. I read this book because it was the book discussion for my online book discussion on Facebook. I haven't had read any books by her before (or if I did I didn't remember) but now I can say I am a fan.
Mary Katherine didn't date because she wasn't sure she was going to stay Amish or join the English world. MaryKatherine doesn't want to take a chance on love because of her father who is not a very nice man and never has a kind word. She makes designs and works in her grandma's shop, Stiches in Time, along with her two cousins. But as the story continues Mary Katherine cannot fight her growing attraction to Jacob. Jacob is in love with Mary Katherine but thinks she is falling for Daniel. This story has moments that makes her sad and moments that makes you laugh. I loved that the cousins are just like cousins in real life and the grandmother is just like my grandmother was. I can't wait to read the other 2 books in this story and other series by this author

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