Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Prayer Chain: The Second Links

I give "The Prayer Chain The Second Links" 5 stars. This is the second book in this series.In this book Adele Mast is given the piece of paper with the prayer on after a customer at the airline sees that she has been crying. Adele's father has always been there for her. But then Adele's mother calls and tells her that he has suffered a stroke. When her father cannot talk and is not the same, Adele turns away from him. When Adele receives the prayer paper she knows that her father is still the same man and that she has been wrong to abandon him. Even through this is in a series this book can be read alone and be just as uplifting but I am glad I read the first book first. I cannot wait till the next volume comes out. This book shows that if you don't give up your faith God is there just maybe not the way you want be He is there.

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