Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Prayer Chain: The First Links

The Prayer Chain: The First Links gets 5 stars from me. This is the first in a series. In this book Jessica Reagan is dealing with the potentially fatal illness of her 10 year old daughter Lea. One night while in the hospital a nurse gives Jessica a piece of paper with a prayer written on it. This prayer is based on Philippians 4:8. Jessica says this prayer over and over till Lea is released from the hospital with a clean bill of heath. This story is also about a vet who needs the prayer paper and Jessica gives it to her after Max, (Lea's dog ) is hit by a car. These stories are amazing and are short but true to life. I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series. I can honestly say I have read several of Sarah Price's books and have not been disappointed with any of them.

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