Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Father's House by Todd Saville

"My Father's House" by Todd Saville gets 4 stars from me. I borrowed this book on kindle from  a friend because of all the different posts about it. Some people really liked it and some posted negative things. Well that being said, I liked the story but there are 3 swear words in the book. One of the words was used 4 times and another one once, but the last one I really didn't like at all was using God's name(I think you all get the picture without me going any farther). And there was a bedroom scene but it was written without being too graphic and I think it fit well into the story. I would still recommend this story to others but with a warning about the negatives items! With all that said I loved the story!
      Cole Jansen has only time to make money not enjoy life. He gets a call from his mother that his father's has had another heart attack so he goes home to nag and complain to his dad about not taking care of himself. He meets the neighbor girl and an instant attraction is there but there is a problem, she is Amish. This book describes their relationship and how it develops. I was surprised at the ending, it has a couple of things happening that I didn't foresee. I have to say it doesn't end the way most books that I have read that have a love interest between an Amish and Englisher do. I am sad at the way it ended but it had to end that way to make the book!
I will be looking for more books by this author.


  1. Thank you for this honest review Debbie and for giving us a heads up on the swear words and bedroom scene. I wonder why christian authors feel using swear words would be acceptable to christian readers. Do you feel the author could justify why he would use them?

    Judy B

  2. Well all I can say is the person using them wasn't Christian in the book and he was angry but I would have used a different word and I have read somewhere that the book was based on things that might have been true even through it is fiction so maybe that is why it was used!

    1. Thanks Debbie for your reply! :)

  3. I love Amish Books and if i were to win i'd like a Barnes and Noble gift card.I like both books and movies.I love the movie ,Love Comes Softly Series.I really enjoyed A Place Of His Own by Kathleen Fuller .I have read almost all of Beverly Lewis's books.There are so many authors that write Amish,i hope to read every Amish i can get my hands on and by every author.A lot of them i have never read any of their books and a few I've read some.

  4. My #1 book of all time to read is the Bible because I grow in the lord and it helps to build my faith and it guides me through life .

  5. Outside fo the Bible, my #1 book of all time is "Not My Will" by Francena Arnold. An incredible book of the struggles a headstrong young woman as she fights against submitting to God, learning the hard way that "not my will, but Thine" is the best way to live by far!

    I would choose books from Amazon by far. I have a few books I've been wanting but haven't spent the money on such as "More Fight On! Stories" by Sam Gipp.

    As far as a favorite genre, that's hard--I like so many!! I love missions biographies, mysteries, historical christian romance.......

  6. Thanks Linda and Sandra for entering. This is my first time doing a giftaway on my blog that wasn't from an author and I guess I didn't do it right there should have been a separate place for these answers but maybe if I have another giveaway I will have it figured out better. Good luck in the contest

  7. I have this book on my kindle, but haven't read it yet. I do love reading the Amish fiction books. They are my favorite books to read.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to post such an honest, detailed review, Debbie. It's this kind of careful insight that prospective readers can evaluate when deciding if the story is right for them. Though it's not a 5-star review, I appreciate it as much as one for the true objectivity it contains.

    Thank you. :)

    Todd Saville, author of My Father's House: a novel

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