Friday, March 22, 2013

"Secrets"by Robin Jones Gunn

"Secrets" by Robin Jones Gunn gets 5 stars from me.It is the 1st book in the The Glenbrooke series.This is the 2nd story of the series and i want to read all 8 books in this series.
In the opening page of this story Jennifer is running away from her past and has a car accident.Kyle,a handsome firefighter comes to her rescue. The attraction for each others starts immediately. Jennifer was hired to be the new English teacher in Glenbrooke but the principal had a stroke and didn't get new file turned into the proper hands and the new principal makes her new job hard.Jennifer becomes friends with another teacher Terri and one of her students. These new friends talk her into going on a mission trip to Mexico where after attending a worship and dedication service for the new church building and being frighted when she drives a truck to a lonely stretch of road in the rain and in the dark, the truck is robbed she surrenders herself to God.But before all this happens she has (asTerri  i calls them)pockets of God's grace. This story has a touch of mystery as both Kyle and Jennifer have secrets they are hiding.The secrets  aren't that they have done anythibg wrong or even bad just something neither one wants others to know.I believe it you take the time to read Kyle and Jennifer story you willonce again believe in the power of God's love and that love at first sight is possible and that God can supply all your needs as well as give you some wants such as Dovebars. What do I mean by the last sentence? Read the book and found out! I was given an ebook copy from Blogging for

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