Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Living Separate Lives" by Paulette Harper

"Living Separate Lives" by Paulette Harper is a 5 star novella. This story is labelled Christian fiction and it is but it deals with an adult issues such as unfaithfulness in a marriage and a tempted suicide. It also deals with the issue of forgiveness and the author lets us feel and experience the pain and the emotions of the four friends that this novella is written about.This novella is real life. I was pulled into this story as soon as I started reading it.Yes, Christians have the same problems and issues as non-believers.

 This novella deals with four friends, Candace Walker, Kaylan Smith, Jordan Tate and Tiffany Thomas, that have went there separate ways since school. One weekend they all decided to get together  at Kaylan's home. But want was supposed to be a great time turned into something else.  Just before the weekend  one friend learns that her husband is having an affair and wants a divorce.  Three of the friends have to learn how hard it is to forgive!  One of the four friends feels there is  no  hope and tries to end her life. I can't say much more than this except the ending will want you to read the next  part of this story which Paulette Harper told me that will be released sometime next year!

I like (as most readers probably does)  happy stories and happy endings when reading fiction but it is good to read and understand that  just because we are Christians we aren't immune to the problems that others face. We just have a greater source of hope and help we can relive on. I know some of my readers are asking what does this have to do with this book review. My answer is this, this book isn't a happy tale of happy ever after but a real life story. If you want to read a novella that is real and leaves you hoping and  (praying ) that when the next part of this real life situation comes to print, the four friends are able to remain friends and that the one friend comes to a real relationship with Jesus, then Read this novella.

I was given an pdf files for an honest review!

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