Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"The Divine Secrets Of the Whoopie Pie Sisters- Book Two-An Amish Christian Trilogy" by Sarah Price and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell

"The Divine Secrets Of the Whoopie Pie Sisters- Book Two-An Amish Christian Trilogy" by Sarah Price and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell is another five star story.

Book Two continues with the problems that the sisters face in Book one, but this time the problems are explored more and we learn more about how the Amish have the same problems and worries that we do.

In Book two we learn that Tobias is really sick and we learn a bigger secret about him and his siblings. ( This secret was such a shock to me, this was one I really didn't see coming).

Sadie has a illness as well and is afraid to add any burdens to Leah but she better tell her sisters soon because Leah and Lydia and Tobias have their ideals about what is wrong with her and they are so wrong, (if only they were right, instead of the real problem.

Susie's secret is finally out of the bag as to why her marriage is anything but happy.

Lydia is stll having a lot of illness and now her husband is making her deal with them'

In the middle of all these storms, Leah is trying to deal with two major orders that she agreed to do in Book one.

I had to read this in one setting and wasn't disappointed with it all. Well I was a little because I have to wait till 2014 to see how it all ends.

It is good to read a different type of Amish story, one that is full of real life and heartaches and even through this is fiction, this story has Real Life and even through I know the characters aren't real I find myself actually wanting to pray for these four sisters, Sarah and Pam wrote this story so well, I could actually feel the pain that this family is going through.

Even through this story is fiction I believe what makes it real, is that Sarah and Pam have a love for the Amish and some of the storyline is based on actual fact.

I am eagerly awaiting Book 3 and I want a happy ever after ending,( I know not real life at all, but the book is fiction after all).


Rhonda's Doings said...

Nice review, Debbie ! I want to read and review this too. I loved book one!

Debbie Curto said...

This is so much better than book 1. It will leave you wanting to read book 3

Judy said...

Great review Debbie! Looking forward to reading these books!

Judy B

Unknown said...

Wonderful review. You are right when you say you have to read this book in one setting and that the end of this one makes you want to start reading book three right away. Even though this is fiction it seems to be very real with all the real life problems & struggles they are facing. I loved reading this book.